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You’re here because you believe in the imaginative application of art and science. Help us to create a better future, starting today.

If you are an aspiring maker and have access to a 3D printer this is the ‘blueprint’ for 3D-printed protective-face-masks that our front-line care-staff are in short supply of. Help us get printing and send these to your local hospital.

If you are an industrial engineer this will get you to HP’s online blueprint to make more component parts for field respirators. Help us fill the crucial supply-shortage of ventilators that are in desperate need. Industrial designers can apply for roles at MAP.

If you are an aspiring data-scientist click here. We’re working with our clients ‘Here Technologies’ on an open-source concept to help us use Here’s location data to track down known COVID-19 hotspots.

If you know C#, Java, Swift or Python click here. Help us use AR and VR to accelerate virtual training simulations that accelerate the readiness of more NHS front-line staff.

If you are an aspiring creative that wants to help improve people’s lives, through simple and beautiful stories these are the roles.

If you are an aspiring experience designer that can create useful, usable and delightful interfaces which can increase the effectiveness of medical applications or patient triage click here.

If you are an aspiring architect help us put forth concepts to transform stadiums and conference centres into a backup overflow hospitals. Apply to join Universal Design Studio.

If you still want to help, you can also donate the money you’re saving from not commuting to the World Health Organisation’s COVID-Solidarity Response Fund.