AKQA TECH.insight: State of the Web

AKQA TECH.insight: State of the Web

AKQA TECH.insight returned to London yesterday for a sold-out event looking into the State of the Web 2017.

AKQA Creative Developer Kathryn Webb shared her thoughts on the evolving landscape of human-computer interaction. Kathryn discussed the many different methods used to monitor interactions, which can be used to track human body parts or even the flow of a conversation. These interactions are happening today, as per her demo of Don't Look Away by Usher where face tracking is used to create an interactive experience that demands your attention.

Stefan Judis from Contentful spoke of API driven content management and continued the evening’s presentations by building an experience through the command line interface by accessing their API. “Flexible modelling is the base for successful content distribution for the evolving web.” Ensuring your content is delivered in consistent way across a myriad of interfaces requires structured data that can be access through powerful APIs.

Rowan Merewood from Google also joined the session, taking the audience through how progressive web applications (PWA) enable you to achieve modern web fundamentals, such as high performance UX, robust offline behavior and better capabilities for sign-in and payments.

AKQA recently became a Contentful Gold Partner and believe through these partnerships we enable our teams to deliver the future solutions.

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