AKQA TECH.insight: Blockchains

AKQA TECH.insight: Blockchains for a new economy

TECH.insight returned to Berlin for another full-house event on the theme of ‘Blockchains for a New Economy’. AKQA Principal Software Engineer Harald Krefting shared his evaluation of the road to their mainstream adoption, using the technology adoption cycle and Moore’s depiction of ‘the chasm gap’.

Parity Technologies founder Dr Jutta Steiner shared her expertise on the technology behind blockchains and the possibilities they offer: “Blockchains turn many insecure, biased, self-interested computers into a single, publicly owned, faithful information processor.”

Rhian Lewis from Count My Crypto demonstrated how the technology can tackle issues of scalability as well as ethical dilemmas, with case studies on supply chains, energy networks and toll booths.

The evening closed with a discussion panel followed by live music by Vicky Heinlein and visuals from Chris Kelly.

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