evian® launches #herothezero initiative with support from AKQA

evian® launches #herothezero initiative with support from AKQA

evian has announced all its plastic bottles will be 100% recycled by 2025, as it adopts a ‘circular approach’ to usage, inspiring a step-change in sustainability.

Working with an ecosystem of partners including the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, Loop Industries and The Ocean Cleanup, evian will deploy a new technology to make its bottles completely from recycled plastic, and without the introduction of any virgin plastic. This will enable plastic bottles to evolve from a waste product into a resource that feeds a circular ‘closed loop’ of use and recycling.

evian plans to enhance this transition by redesigning its packaging, accelerating recycling initiatives and recovering plastic waste from natural environments.

Designed and created by AKQA, evian has also launched the #herothezero initiative. The project will engage audiences on how we think about plastic usage and waste to drive awareness and understanding about the transition to a ‘circular economy’ from the current ‘take-make-dispose’ model.

evian Global Marketing Manager Lucas Sala Bufill commented: “We are delighted to be working with AKQA and to be launching our first joint initiative on this critical issue regarding the health of our planet. evian is working tirelessly to drive a step-change in the use of plastic and this collaboration will leverage AKQA’s boundless creativity in all things digital to take this important message to our consumers.”

AKQA will amplify the activity through social, influencer and content activation with iconic publishers including National Geographic. AKQA has also developed a digital hub hosting partner initiatives and audience contributions to help achieve evian’s vision.”

AKQA Senior Account Director Bruno Britsch said: “We are honoured to partner with evian on the #herothezero initiative. At AKQA we are proud to support clients that embrace sustainable new business models, helping to provide solutions, raise awareness and transform behaviour.”