Creativity and Intention. Artistry and Desire.

Creativity and Intention. Artistry and Desire.

It is said that what is done in love is well done. The projects featured in AKQA Journal edition 9 convey the belief that imagination and creativity always triumph and the opportunities to create the unexpected are in every brief, and everywhere. Projects for Netflix, Oakley, Levi’s, Rolls-Royce, Nike, Westbank and Beats are among those in edition 9.

The latest issue includes the stories of self-belief within every footballer, shared at World Cup matches to inspire millions during the tournament; a glimpse into a world that speaks to those who want to create for a living; the pursuit of mastery and a veritable ode to athletic obsession; the redevelopment that encapsulates a city’s interweaving between nature and culture; a platform that challenges today’s young minds to create tomorrow.

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