Alexa turns master mixologist to inspire the perfect cocktail

Alexa turns master mixologist to inspire the perfect cocktail

In response to the increasing number of people entertaining at home, Grey Goose has launched The Sipping Room, a new Alexa Skill that helps enthusiasts become master cocktail makers.

Ask The Sipping Room to “make me something with lime” or “make me the perfect Espresso Martini” on an Alexa-enabled device and it will draw on Grey Goose’s experience to help create the perfect vodka cocktail in the comfort of your home.

The Sipping Room incorporates a wide variety of flavours and ingredients and – like all the best bartenders – serves tutorials with a side order of wit and charm. Offering the finest vodka cocktails curated by the world’s most inspiring mixologists, The Sipping Room’s ethos is it’s as important to enjoy the process of creating the cocktail, as is the delicious end result.

A step-by-step guide to making cocktails that use Grey Goose vodka, The Sipping Room is complemented on Amazon Echo Show and Echo Spot by a stunning array of visuals that would grace any cocktail lounge.

The Sipping Room Alexa Skill created by AKQA for Grey Goose launched in the UK in November.