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Rasmus Keger appointed Group Creative Director, Sweden

Rasmus Keger-80-

AKQA has appointed Rasmus Keger as Group Creative Director for the Stockholm studio. Rasmus’s arrival at AKQA sees the creative teams behind two Cannes Grand Prix winning ideas come together.

Rasmus joins AKQA Stockholm, where the team blends Scandinavian sensibilities with bold, cutting-edge global experience, designing customer experiences that future-proof organisations for years to come. The Sweden team work on renowned clients, including H&M, IKEA, Minecraft, Netflix, Nike, Polestar, Volvo Cars.

Group Creative Director Rasmus Keger said: “I have huge respect for the work that has been coming out of AKQA over the years. What I find interesting is that AKQA really want to bring real value to their clients, and they are very flexible with what that value could look like – it could be a service, building a platform, creating a physical product, designing a space, or something totally different. That open minded approach shows that this is a forward-thinking company.”

Rasmus reports to Executive Creative Director Johnny Budden across London and Sweden. Johnny mentions: “We are excited to welcome Rasmus to AKQA. With shared values and ambitions, we’re excited to create a positive impact on the environment and society with our clients, in ways the world hasn’t seen before.”

Managing Director David Wedebrant said: “We have long standing and ongoing relationships with many of the strongest and most progressive brands in Scandinavia and the world, and Rasmus has hit the ground running with impressive speed across all of them. We’re excited to see what great things will happen now that he’s here.”