Terminal Tours

A fun — and extremely dangerous — tour of space.

Call of Duty Terminal Tours


In an epic but harsh new space setting, the very environment will kill you.

Call of Duty fans were gearing up for the launch of the new game, Infinite Warfare. But were they ready for the challenges of space?

Call of Duty Terminal Tours


Terminal Tours takes fans on a thrilling (and deadly) tour of space utilising chatbot technology.

Through user interactions and action-packed gifs, fans travelled to the game’s far-off outposts with a darkly humorous tour guide, played by Kate Micucci.

At each stop, they were asked to make choices that often led to epic space deaths, such as falling into a crevice on icy Europa, or blowing up in the deadly gases of Titan.


Terminal Tours prepped fans for the epic locales and harsh environments of space by showcasing just how fun – and dangerous – space can be.

The teaser video and space death gifs were widely shared on social, appreciated for their light-heartedness whilst still maintaining the intense action Call of Duty is known for.

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