Arsenal FC x Alexa

Keep up to date with all things Arsenal through a simple command.

Arsenal FC x Alexa


The way fans absorb the beautiful game is changing.

Supporters are desperate to stay up to date with matches, yet not all games are given airtime. New technologies open up new possibilities. It’s not about where the game is, it’s about how the game can be brought to you.

Arsenal FC x Alexa


Make all details of Arsenal matches available at a simple command from the comfort of home.

Integrating Arsenal with Amazon Alexa seamlessly provides supporters with access to pre-match build-up, live in-game support and post-match analysis through conversation.

Arsenal FC x Alexa


A constant fixture at the top of Amazon’s Alexa charts, the skill has an average rating of 4.4 out of 5.

With 10,000 sessions in its first two months, the Arsenal skill - the first of its kind in the Premier League - has added an extra dimension to the match day experience.

Arsenal becomes the first Premier League club to launch an Amazon Alexa Skill

Arsenal FC delivers match day updates with Alexa