Disneyland Paris

My Disney Experience

Magic made mobile.

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How do you personalise a fantasia of service?

Welcoming 12 million visitors every year, with 52 attractions and over 50 restaurants, a trip to Disneyland Paris can feel as dizzying as it is delightful. How can guests make the most of the wonder that awaits?


Dive into Disney’s signature magic.

The iconic visual language of Disney’s golden era transforms every step of the visitor journey, with a re-imagined mobile experience that’s simple, fast and fun. An animated, interactive landscape makes navigation easy and enjoyable, while Mickey’s wand illuminates only the wonder each guest wishes to be wowed by. With live waiting times presented alongside upcoming events and seasonal schedules, moments of rest in the park, or at home, continue the personality and excitement.

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Less planning, more magic. This personal concierge for guests sets a new customer-experience benchmark that shines beyond the tourism arena.

Debuting in 2019, the new mobile platform enthrals 147% more users over the previous year, as the first step in a newly envisaged journey to transform the Disneyland Paris experience. The adventure continues in 2020, with subsequent releases to further personalise everyone’s time in the happiest place on earth.