Tommy x Gigi

From collaboration to belonging.

Tommy x Gigi


Tommy x Gigi was an unexpected collaboration for Tommy Hilfiger: a bold move for a brand set on reaching a new, younger audience.

How could they breathe life into the partnership and make a statement that would kindle new relationships?

Tommy x Gigi
Tommy x Gigi
Tommy x Gigi


Invite fans to be part of the Spring '17 collection, handing over control of the looks that hit the runway.

Take Gigi’s collection around the globe on the #TogetherTour, touching down in destinations such as Berlin, Dubai, Milan and Shanghai.

Bring the designs to life with local influencers who capture their city’s unique style and tell their stories through a series of city style guides.

Tommy x Gigi


Tommy x Gigi established loyalty and meaningful relationships with a new generation of brand-savvy women.

The brand gained 725k new members on social over a two-month period, 90% of whom were in the target audience. High double-digit growth was seen in retail and e-commerce performance versus the same period last year. Tommy Hilfiger, once the official outfitter of 90s hip-hop, is relevant all over again.

Tommy Hilfiger x Gigi Hadid Collection in Berlin

Tommy Hilfiger and Gigi Hadid Together Tour in Tokyo