Ajaz Ahmed is the CEO of AKQA, the ideas and innovation company he founded aged 21.

Below is a collection of Ajaz’s thoughts, writing and interviews. All proceeds from Ajaz’s books, writing and public speaking are donated to causes voted for by AKQA employees.

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Innovation is simplification

An extract of Ajaz Ahmed’s book DEFEAT, a collaboration with artist Christian Watson.

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Semi Permanent

Serendipity and Learning

An entrepreneurial journey with AKQA’s founder.


The Entrepreneurs

30-minute interview podcast about the AKQA journey, culture, clients and aspirations.


AKQA Annual Report 2016

In a world where digital is everywhere, AKQA’s passion is a thoughtful, considered and intelligent experience at every connection.


How to Become a Limitless Leader

There are five principles to which outstanding businesses of whatever size, era or market segment – unfailingly return.


AKQA Annual Report 2015

In 2015, AKQA’s collaboration with our clients delivered a continuous stream of imaginative, breathtaking work.


Lessons in Limitless

The relentless drive towards the future.


The Steve Jobs MBA

Be zen, obsess over details, relentlessly improve everything and other lessons from Steve Jobs.

Fast Company

Consumers Respond to Timeless Values

Timeless values applied via new technology can democratize markets and extend across goods, services and experiences.


Revolutionary Women

The rise of female leadership...not a moment too soon.

The Guardian

Bridging the Gap between Art and Business

Successful collaborations between brands and artists are possible, once outdated preconceptions are overcome.

The Guardian

Bravery, Creativity, Courage and Resilience

All aspiring entrepreneurs should read Rudyard Kipling's 'If' – every word of advice in it is for the ages.

The Guardian

Why Resisting Ease is the Path to Digital Excellence

High achievement comes from persistence, not convenience, as exemplified in Ang Lee's use of 3D in Life of Pi.

The Guardian

Its Never too Late to Pivot

Brands that champion what really matters to people will always have a future – but ditching any emotional attachment is the first step to achieving revival.

The Guardian

An Operating System For Your Life

Put technology to work for people and you're already taking steps towards that inspirational aspiration.

The Guardian

Young Entrepreneurs can Build a Better Future

There is opportunity to be had in difficult times when the old ideas are malfunctioning and people are more open to change.

The Guardian

Radically Simple Design Always Wins

The best digital innovations are ones that are simple and easy to use and keep your audience in mind.

The Guardian

The interface is the Brand

Whether we are gathered around a campfire, a cathode ray tube or an iPad, it's the story that's being shared that matters.

The Guardian

The End is Nigh for Identikit Branding

It has never been easier for people to scan past, tune out or switch over, so to persist with identikit advertising campaigns is ridiculous.


AKQA Annual Report 2014

At AKQA we believe in the imaginative application of art and science to create beautiful ideas, products and services.


AKQA Annual Report 2013

AKQA exists for two reasons: to help create the future for our clients; and to inspire excellent leadership from our people.


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Interview April 2017

Attaining velocity in the age of disruption

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Interview April 2017

Explore new solutions

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Interview March 2017

It’s important to embrace disruption

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Interview March 2014

How leaders get top-down success

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Interview August 2013

The AKQA Story

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Panel May 2014

Creativity in Conversation: Youthful Thinking

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Interview April 2012

Executive Insight

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Interview April 2014

What makes a leader

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Interview September 2012

The shift to mobile