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As part of our commitment to inclusion across the full spectrum of diversity, and as an employer of choice, AKQA desires to be a leading creative and professional services firm for the attraction, promotion and retention of women, people of colour and under-represented groups.

We recognise a series of actions needs to be taken to advance equity, equality, representation, and actively address any issues faced that may hinder career growth, promotion and retention. Through a series of company-wide, industry and recruitment initiatives, we are ensuring a greater pipeline of diverse talent at all levels, while also hiring and promoting more women and people of colour into senior positions. Our parent company, WPP, is among the top 10 performers in the FTSE UK gender diversity report.

Our New York team has created When I’m With Her – exploring the many dimensions of the incredible women across the AKQA global network.

This work to actively highlight role models and encourage our people to progress into leadership roles is ongoing, and includes the stories below.

Ajaz Ahmed amend (1)
Ajaz Ahmed

Pioneering innovation

CEO and Founder AKQA Ajaz Ahmed spoke with Lord Ed Vaizey on Times Radio. He shared his first entrepreneurial ventures to his latest philanthropic initiatives.

Laura Maness 2
Laura Maness

Dynamic leader joins as Grey Global CEO

Grey announced the appointment of Laura Maness as Global Chief Executive Officer. Laura will build on Grey’s international capabilities and bring people together across the network.

Johnny Shu portrait
Shu Hung and Johnny Budden

Recognise, honour and celebrate

AKQA has promoted Shu Hung and Johnny Budden to Chief Creative Officer, joining Peter Lund, Diego Machado, and Hugo Viega. The newly appointed leaders share a wealth of experience.

Nobuhiro Arai
Nobuhiro Arai

Redefining the future

AKQA welcomes award-winning Nobuhiro Arai as Executive Creative Director for Tokyo. Nobuhiro will lead the studio’s creative endeavours, focusing on driving innovation for clients in Japan.

Andrew Missingham
Andrew Missingham

Welcome Andrew Missingham

AKQA North America appoints Andrew Missingham as Executive Director of Consumer Insights. Andrew will shape AKQA’s strategies to align with evolving cultural trends.

Hugo Diego copy
Hugo Veiga and Diego Machado

Remarkable journey

AKQA’s CCO’s Hugo Veiga and Diego Machado share insight on the power of authenticity and purpose in attracting exceptional clients and talent on the CPO Playbook podcast.

Conrad Persons
Conrad Persons

Conrad Persons, Grey London President

On his appointment, Conrad commented: “I am honoured and excited to join the dynamic team at Grey London. Together, we will continue to push boundaries and create exceptional work.”

Sam Rowlands and Grace O-Brien
Sam Rowlands and Grace O'Brien

Women break barriers

Senior Art Director AKQA Amsterdam Sam Rowlands and Creative Director AKQA Amsterdam Grace O’Brien spoke with The Purse Podcast about Pink Chip.

Tesa headshot 1
Tesa Aragones

Confidence, strength and hope

President AKQA North America Tesa Aragones featured on Campaign US. She highlights P&G’s The Name and its powerful narrative to inspire “collective action toward greater inclusivity.”

Ajaz 1280 x 837
Ajaz Ahmed

Building a unicorn

CEO and Founder AKQA Ajaz Ahmed is interviewed by Boardwave. He highlights AKQA’s success down to the “phenomenal people and commitment they have to our values.”

Luciana Cani

Maximising potential

ECD AKQA Portland Luciana Cani spoke with imagens de marca about how good leaders should not “allow their expectations to be guided exclusively by role definition.”

Miriam Plon Sauer

The art of asking questions

Executive Director Strategy AKQA EMEA Miriam Plon Sauer compares being a creative strategist with chief of police, demonstrating that the right questions can lead to discovery.

Eduardo Nose
Eduardo Nosé

Shorty Awards jury

Associate Creative Director AKQA Los Angeles Eduardo Nosé has been appointed as a juror for the 16th Annual Shorty Awards, celebrating the best work across digital and social.

Diego Machado
Diego Machado

Cannes Award jury

CCO AKQA Diego Machado has been appointed the role of prestigious Cannes Lions Jury President for Innovation Lions, celebrating the most groundbreaking technologies.

Tesa headshot 1
Tesa Aragones

Growth and leadership

President AKQA North America Tesa Aragones speaks with Renegades, a series spotlighting Asian Pacific leaders about Cannes Lions, AI and the future of marketing.

Tayla Maria weekly 1280x837 v3
Talya Pulver-Lindqvist and Maria Parsons

WARC Awards jury

Group Brand Director AKQA Sweden Talya Pulver-Lindqvist and Head of Strategy Maria Parsons Grey Qatar join the jury to award strategic effectiveness and brilliance.

Laura and Miriam 1280x837
Laura Maness and Miriam Plon Sauer

Gerety Awards jury

Global CEO Grey Laura Maness and Executive Strategy Director AKQA Miriam Plon Sauer join the grand jury to evaluate world-class work and award the most outstanding creative.

Ajaz 1280 x 837
Ajaz Ahmed

Passion for innovation

CEO and Founder AKQA Ajaz Ahmed features on Campaign Chemistry. He highlights the Apple Vision Pro, Future Lions 2024 and shares his immense pride for Grey.

Jabari Hearn Headshot (1) (1)
Jabari Hearn

Intention and authenticity

Managing Partner AKQA Los Angeles Jabari Hearn features on the Purpose Podcast, speaking about his experiences during his early career and the importance of mentorship.

Haley Hammerling headshot
Haley Hammerling

Transforming with AI

Senior PR Director AKQA Haley Hammerling spoke with Adweek about PR predictions. She said: “AI continues to enhance our strategies without overshadowing human ingenuity.”

Hayley Bowling
Hayley Bowling

Prioritising accessibility

Learning Experience Designer AKQA AUNZ Hayley Bowling’s thought leadership piece Navigating a diverse landscape is featured in the top 15 for the Atticus Awards.

Cherish Bailey

Kindness and authenticity

Director of Growth AKQA Atlanta studio Cherish Bailey spoke with Muse by Clio about her experiences of leading and managing brand initiatives and her creative inspirations.

Brian Vella
Brian Vella

Getting out of your comfort zone

Managing Partner AKQA Brian Vella joins the Words From Gippsland podcast to share inspiring serendipitous moments that marked his journey to AKQA.

Tesa - Adcolor
Tesa Aragones

Positivity and passion

President AKQA North America Tesa Aragones’s spoke at the ADCOLOR Awards to share her experience charting fresh territory in a demanding industry and divided world.

I AM-Frame 12

Portraits of Black Excellence

Discover I AM, a portrait series that spotlights the diverse and multi-dimensional people within our community. Conceived by AKQA Roots in celebration of Black History Month.

Ajaz 1280 x 837
Ajaz Ahmed

Forefront of the revolution

FoST Explorers Club invited CEO and Founder AKQA Ajaz Ahmed to discuss the success of AI and recent technological advancements such as the Apple Vision Pro.

tim devine 720 copy
Tim Devine

Who gets to decide?

Executive Innovation Director AKQA AUNZ Tim Devine shared his perspectives at SXSW Sydney: “Certain things about AI make it more accessible than any other sort of technology.”

Luiza Baffa
Luiza Baffa

Building legacy

JR Trade interviews Managing Director AKQA São Paulo Luiza Baffa about new initiatives and award winning work. “We’re launching AKQA Katana, which is 100% focused on design.”

Tesa headshot 1

Shaping tomorrow

AKQA President, North America Tesa Aragones has been honoured with Adweek and Adcolor’s 2023 Beacon Award, celebrated for driving change to the status quo.

Ad Black Sea copy
Chirag Khushalani

Tell me something new

Creative Strategist AKQA UAE Chirag Khushalani is joining the Ad Black Sea International Festival of Creativity Impact Jury, an event that promotes collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Elias Karam
Elias Karam

Timelessly true

Strategy Director Grey Dubai Elias Karam shares with Campaign what it takes to build a company anchored in truth: “Every brand has the potential to become culturally relevant.”

Ajaz 1280 x 837
Ajaz Ahmed

Discipline and organisation

CEO and Founder AKQA Ajaz Ahmed spoke with Management Today highlighting how “the best organisations counterbalance creativity and experimentation with operational excellence.”

Tesa headshot 1
Tesa Aragones

Solving problems

AKQA President, North America Tesa Aragones spoke at the Forbes CMO Summit this week. The creative community’s global leaders shared what industry experience has taught them.

Luisa Baffa Clio copy
Luiza Baffa

Clio Music Awards

Managing Director AKQA São Paulo Luiza Baffa is joining the Clio Music Film and Video jury. The Clios celebrate bold work that propels the industry forward.

Ajaz Ahmed amend
Ajaz Ahmed

Flourish and bloom

CEO and Founder AKQA Ajaz Ahmed joins the LBC Money podcast, sharing that “we work very hard on nurturing a culture that can thrive and continue to be entrepreneurial.”

Laura Minton
Laura Minton

Be brave

Senior Producer AKQA Laura Minton joins LBB for a vibrant conversation about her journey into production, pioneering new creative technologies, and her most inspiring moments on set.

Diego Machado
Diego Machado

The unexpected turn

CCO AKQA Diego Machado joins El Martínez podcast to talk about how AKQA’s diversity led to the global creative work for Netflix and why he wakes up happy on a rainy Monday morning.

Dr Sam Sterling
Sam Sterling

A clear vision

Managing Director of Strategy AKQA Dr Sam Sterling sits with Forbes to share her fascinating research on ambidextrous companies. Outlining the key attributes a business needs to grow.

BAFTA copy
Ajaz Ahmed

Fast forward to 2033

CEO and Founder AKQA Ajaz Ahmed spoke at the Boardwave Live conference at BAFTA’s HQ. Ajaz spoke about AKQA’s growth and his entrepreneurial journey.

Ros Horner 1
Ros Horner

Culture of innovation

Executive Design Director AKQA Australia Ros Horner speaks with Campaign Asia about the potential for AI: “We should invest in creative humans alongside creative technology.”

Kristin Goto and Jon Freshwater copy 2
Kristin Goto and Jon Freshwater

AKQA San Francisco promotions

Kristin Goto appointed Managing Director and Jon Freshwater promoted to Director of Client Services. “I feel honoured to continue with our clients to solve tomorrow’s challenges.”

Ajaz 1280 x 837
Ajaz Ahmed

Square Mile and Me

AKQA CEO and Founder Ajaz Ahmed travels down memory lane with City A.M and discusses the dynamic epicentre of London, the incredible melting pot of culture and modernity.

Umberto Basso

W3A Forum

Managing Director AKQA Italy Umberto Basso spoke at the Web3 Alliance Forum in Milan, discussing AI, the metaverse and blockchain.

Tesa headshot 1
Tesa Aragones

Live at Cannes

AKQA President, North America Tesa Aragones joined Adweek Podcast to reflect on Cannes 2023 and how marketers can action conversations surrounding AI, inclusion and sustainability.

Zampa & Zaro

Infusing values

Creative Directors AKQA Bloom Zampa & Zaro speak to DesignRush about utilising creativity to shape a better future, from their unique perspective on brand impact.

Diego Machado
Diego Machado

Past, present and future wins

Chief Creative Officer AKQA Diego Machado speaks with The Goa Spotlight about the inspiration behind Nike’s award-winning Never Done Evolving.

cannes lions
AKQA and Grey

Cannes Lions

Six employees across AKQA and Grey have been invited to participate in the prestigious jury, selected to shortlist world-class creative work alongside other global experts.

Michelle Lassman
Michelle Lassman

The Gails Awards

Head of Creative AKQA San Francisco Michelle Lassman joins the jury. The awards recognise innovation in the industry, donating 100% of its proceeds to support women’s rights.

tim devine
Tim Devine

Cannes in Cairns Chronicle

Executive Innovation Director AKQA Melbourne Tim Devine spoke at Cannes in Cairns, presenting a perspective on the complexities of AI and diverse representation.

Ajaz 1280 x 837
Ajaz Ahmed

Entrepreneurial spirit

CEO and Founder AKQA Ajaz Ahmed is named in The Business Report’s Top 50 Business Leaders of San Francisco. For his achievements in leading AKQA and his philanthropic work.

Johnny Budden

The age of Alsthetics

Executive Creative Director AKQA London Johnny Budden speaks with Shots about the countless possibilities of using AI to add creativity to work.

Tesa Aragones

The spirit of heritage

AKQA President, North America Tesa Aragones spoke to New York Stock Exchange TV about the global impact of inspiring future leaders.

Shu Hung-2
Shu Hung

Two minutes with Shu Hung

ECD AKQA Los Angeles Shu Hung spoke with Muse by Clio on creative inspirations: “I was obsessed with Roald Dahl. I couldn’t believe someone could have so many incredible story ideas.”

Hillary Coe headshot
Hillary Coe

Defining the future

Principal of Experience AKQA Hillary Coe named as one of Ad Age’s 2022 Leading Women. “It’s important for people to think differently and disrupt an industry they’re passionate about.”

image copy 2.1 (1)
Ajaz Ahmed and Tesa Aragones

AI’s creative revolution

CEO and Founder AKQA Ajaz Ahmed and President, North America AKQA Tesa Aragones spoke with Fast Company about how AI could unlock a new wave of imaginative expression.

Shu and Graham 2
Shu Hung and Graham Drew

Endless possibilities

ECD AKQA Los Angeles Shu Hung and CCO Grey Malaysia Graham Drew join the jury at The Drum Chip Shop Awards, selected to judge creativity without limits.

Ajaz 1280 x 837
Ajaz Ahmed

The Decent Leader

CEO and Founder AKQA Ajaz Ahmed speaks with Fearless Creative Leadership podcast about tenets of decency: “the most successful people are often the ones who help others succeed.”

sam sterling
Sam Sterling

What comes next

Managing Director of Strategy AKQA Sam Sterling shares with Forbes that “it’s essential to have a clear understanding of customer needs and preferences” to grow.

Ryan Fox Headshot.1
Ryan Fox

Creative process

Senior Account Director AKQA New York Ryan Fox comments to LBB on the potential that AI gives teams to work more collaboratively and intelligently across the lifecycle of a project.

Tesa A100
Tesa Aragones

Gold House A100

President, North America AKQA Tesa Aragones has been named as an A100 honouree, celebrated as one of the most impactful Asian Pacific leaders.

Roman color
Roman Ptakowski

New Managing Partner in North America

AKQA has announced the promotion of Roman Ptakowski to the role of Managing Partner in North America after nearly five years of leading the Atlanta studio as Managing Director.

Umberto Basso and Nicolas Le Pallec
Umberto Basso and Nicolas Le Pallec

Future proof e-commerce

Managing Director AKQA Italy Umberto Basso and Executive Technology Director Europe AKQA Nicolas Le Pallec presented leveraging AI and 3D at a MACH Alliance event.

luxury-brand-identifiers-voguebus-photographer-month-22-story copy
Ajaz Ahmed

Luxury’s new brand identifiers

CEO and Founder AKQA Ajaz Ahmed talks with Vogue Business about the visual signatures of fashion houses to cultivate universal recognition and customer loyalty.

Ajaz Ahmed
Ajaz Ahmed

Courage to care

CEO and Founder AKQA Ajaz Ahmed speaks to the University of Bath School of Management: “AKQA is a vehicle for channelling entrepreneurial and creative energy.”

Luiza Baffa
Luiza Baffa

SXSW Film and TV Awards

Managing Director AKQA São Paulo Luiza Baffa is judging the Music Video category, of the SXSW Film and TV Festival 2023. Honouring creativity by the film, TV, XR, and design talent.

Alisia Muscat

50/50 gender parity

WPP AUNZ President Rose Herceg and CEO AKQA AUNZ Alisia Muscat share what International Women’s Day symbolises to them.

sam sterling
Sam Sterling

Lessons for success

Managing Director of Strategy AKQA Sam Sterling shares her number one lesson with CNBC Make It from studying 10 years of McDonalds, Starbucks and Lululemon data.

Tesa headshot 1
Tesa Aragones

AI influencing skills

President, North America AKQA Tesa Aragones commented on increasing teams using AI tools, Tesa said: “Using the technology and the data actually helps us to be more creative.”

Davide Limido


Creative Director AKQA Italy Davide Limido has joined the creative jury at LE BOOK’s international event Connections. Celebrating innovative work, people and organisations.

Jabari Hearn Headshot (1) (1)

Navigating creative collaborations

Managing Partner AKQA Jabari Hearn joins the MTM Visionaries podcast, sharing why creator collaborations are imperative for brands.

Gemma Redgrave
Gemma Redgrave

Sustainability at Cannes Lions

Marketing Director AKQA Gemma Redgrave spoke with Adweek about Cannes Lions taking sustainability and DEI data into account for award submissions in 2023.

eduarda 2-2
Eduarda Nieto

Cha Che Chi

Senior Designer AKQA Sweden Eduarda Nieto is speaking at the TDC Conference. This year’s event focuses on the scope of Latin American typography.

Ajaz 2018
Ajaz Ahmed

A ripple effect

CEO and Founder AKQA Ajaz Ahmed speaks to Thought Economics about the power of creative industries for good and learnings from working with some of the world’s greatest brands.

2. Javier opt 2
Javier Campopiano

Cannes Lions jury president

Worldwide CCO Grey Javier Campopiano and Global CCO of WPP’s OpenX has been appointed Cannes Lions jury president for the Outdoor Lions category.

Shu Hung
Shu Hung

Inner library child

ECD AKQA Los Angeles Shu Hung speaks with LBB about her creative process. Shu said: “Creativity is part of our experience and manifests in different ways. It’s innate.”

Francisca Maass, Peter Lund and Hugo Veiga

Clio jury

President and Chief Creative Officer Grey Francisca Maass is joining the Audio jury. AKQA Global Chief Creative Officers Peter Lund and Hugo Veiga join the Design and Digital juries.

Taraka TK Tennakoon

Creative communication

Associate Creative Director AKQA Dubai Taraka TK Tennakoon discussed the debate surrounding AI art with Venture Beat. Sharing insights on how this may impact the creative industry.

gerety awards
Talya Pulver-Lindqvist, Nomfundo Sarah Msomi and Izzie McGrath

Gerety Awards jury

Group Strategy Director AKQA Sweden Talya Pulver-Lindqvist and whiteGREY’s Head of Strategy Nomfundo Sarah Msomi and Creative Izzie McGrath join the jury.

Erika Reyes

Type Directors Club

Amplifying the undeniable power of type design, Senior Art Director AKQA Erika Reyes has been selected for the TDC69 Annual Competition’s Typography jury.

Ajaz page headshot
Ajaz Ahmed

Solving problems

CEO and Founder AKQA Ajaz Ahmed speaks to Mumbrella about the excitement and optimism of AI, Ajaz commented: “We see these tools as a co-pilot for creativity.”

Tesa Aragones

Doing different

President, North America AKQA Tesa Aragones spoke at the Forbes CMO Summit about growth, and whether marketing is compatible with ensuring a healthier planet and future.

Shu Hung
Shu Hung

New ECD of AKQA Los Angeles

AKQA has appointed Shu Hung as Executive Creative Director in Los Angeles. “I’ve been a long-time admirer of AKQA and collaborated with them in the past on career-defining projects.”

Tesa Aragones

Finding your ikigai for a purposeful life

President, North America AKQA Tesa Aragones speaks to Adweek about the Japanese concept, ikigai, sharing four aspects for finding purpose and being motivated.

Paul Ostryzniuk

The great overlap

Group Creative Director AKQA London Paul Ostryzniuk explores how the metaverse provides a new landscape of undiscovered rewards and risks.

Luiza Baffa
Luiza Baffa

Forbes 30 under 30

AKQA’s São Paulo Managing Director Luiza Baffa has been named on the Forbes Brazil 30 under 30 list of 2021. The list honours the most promising young people in Brazil.

Ed and Jay
Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby

Our job is to give a dopamine hit

The duo behind Barber Osgerby speak to the Financial Times about why their prolific output is all a question of collaboration and how they work on the scarier side of challenging.

Ajaz Ahmed

Driving Good

CEO and Founder AKQA Ajaz Ahmed spoke at Media Telecom & Beyond, discussing the role that agencies play in brand building in a digital world.

Jabari Hearn Headshot (1) (1)
Jabari Hearn

Jabari Hearn appointed Managing Partner

AKQA has further strengthened its leadership team by appointing former Nike and Google executive Jabari Hearn as North America Managing Partner.

Tesa headshot 1
Tesa Aragones

AKQA appoints Tesa Aragones as President, North America

Tesa will oversee studios in the U.S. in this new role, defining strategy and expanding the client base, identifing opportunities and synergies to work closely with AKQA’s international team.

When I’m With Her

Stories of dimension

For International Women’s Day 2021 When I’m With Her celebrates women’s stories across AKQA by depicting moments where they express their fullest selves.

Felix Rompis 1
Felix Rompis

Guten Tag Berlin

AKQA has announced Felix Rompis to lead the Berlin studio as Managing Director. Felix said: “I’m humbled to join a team that future-proofs the world’s most innovative brands.”

Jason Allen art
Taraka Tennakoon

Always curious about craft

Associate Creative Director AKQA Dubai Taraka Tennakoon speaks to Muse By Clio about the ongoing debate around Artifical Intelligence art.

Ajaz Weekly
Ajaz Ahmed

Leading by example

CEO and Founder AKQA Ajaz Ahmed joins the Raconteur panel discussion to share his views on the leadership behaviours that foster good relationships.

Rasmus Keger-80-
Rasmus Keger

A sustainable future together

AKQA has appointed Rasmus Keger, winner of the Cannes Lion Grand Prix 2021 for Sustainable Development Goals, as Group Creative Director for the Stockholm studio.

Sarah headshot
Sarah Cunningham

AKQA North America leadership

AKQA has promoted Sarah Cunningham to Director of Client Services in AKQA’s New York studio. Sarah will help lead the studio, its partnerships and client collaborations.

Hideaki Hara
Hideaki Hara

Navigating inclusion

General Manager AKQA Tokyo Hideaki Hara speaks with Campaign Asia-Pacific about navigating through male allyship in Japan and creating equal workplaces for all genders.

Jade Tomlin


Group Creative Director AKQA London Jade Tomlin joined MediaCat Magazine podcast. They discussed side quests and how much of life and work goes according to plan.

Lorenzo Foffani

Lightness of an insight

Head of Strategy AKQA Italy Lorenzo Foffani joins as a speaker at TOUCH22 discussing how human intuition and wisdom can make the difference in the era of technology and knowledge.

Jade Tomlin
Jade Tomlin

The cost of care

Group Creative Director AKQA London Jade Tomlin joined SheSays London’s panel to discuss the role of media and creative industries in shaping mainstream views of female carers.

plant a seed
Paula Santana

Plant a seed

Impact Lead AKQA São Paulo Paula Santana speaks at Maxi Mídia. Paula discusses how the message of sustainability can count on creativity and innovation to reverberate.

holly and ajaz
Ajaz Ahmed

Holly Branson interviews Ajaz Ahmed

Ajaz Ahmed joined the 100% Human At Work panel with Chief Purpose and Vision Officer Virgin Group Holly Branson, discussing five ways to build and prioritise a flourishing team.

Lu Cani - Luciana Cani headshot copy-min
Luciana Candi

New ECD of AKQA Portland

Luciana Candi joins as Portland’s Executive Creative Director. Featured in Adweek’s 100 Creative lists Top 18 Executive Creative Directors and has over 20 years of experience in design.

Ajaz page headshot
Ajaz Ahmed

Beyond the CV

Ajaz Ahmed joined The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award for a live stream discussion, providing insight into what employers are looking for when recruiting.

Francesco Bozza and Thaina Bergmann

Art Directors Club Italiano

CCO Grey Francesco Bozza and Senior Strategist AKQA Italy Thaina Bergmann have been selected to join the ADCI jury for Radio & Audio and Media.

Michelle Lassman (1)
Michelle Lassman

Effie Global

Head of Creative AKQA San Francisco Michelle Lassman has been selected to join the global grand jury. Michelle will be judging the Best of the Best category.

Christiana Courtwright

Redefining music

Associate Director of Strategy AKQA Amsterdam Christiana Courtwright features on AMP Amsterdam’s podcast to share her perspective on the unique power of TikTok.

FullSizeRender - Richie Babalola
Richie Babalola

D&AD Meets

Associate Writer AKQA London Richie Babalola speaks with D&AD about how writing poetry from a young age led to a career as a copywriter and creative.

eduarda 2
Eduarda Nieto

The Next Creative Leaders Jury

Senior Designer AKQA Sweden Eduarda Nieto joins as a previous recipient. The competition recognises women and non-binary creatives on the rise who offer a unique view.

Miriam Plon Sauer

Reawakening creative agencies purpose

Executive Strategy Director AKQA Miriam Plon Sauer spoke to The Drum about genuine changemaking efforts.

Ajaz Ahmed

Spear Impact Award

Ajaz Ahmed has been honoured with the Spear’s 2022 Impact Award recognising the impact of his charitable fellowship ajaz.org.

Brian Vella and Tim Devine

Cannes in Cairns

Managing Partner AKQA APAC Brian Vella Brian and AKQA’s Executive Innovation Director Tim Devine hosted the Creativity in Commerce panel session at Cannes in Cairns.

hilary coe-hero
Hilary Coe

How I got here

Principal of Experience AKQA San Francisco Hillary Coe speaks about embedding experiences into life and work; her journey from climbing trees as a child to adventures in aerospace.

Sarah Cunningham

The importance of identity

Director of Client Services AKQA New York Sarah Cunningham speaks to Female Founders Breaking Boundaries podcast on the importance of women having their own lives outside of work.

Agile players
Beverney Shane and Chirag Khushalani

Agile players

AKQA’s Senior Social Executive Beverney Shane and Creative Strategist Chirag Khushalani have been recognised in Campaign’s Creative Faces to Watch.

Action Audio Kala - AKQA
Tim Devine

Inclusive immersion

Executive Innovation Director AKQA Tim Devine speaks with Inavate revolutionary spatial audio in sport. “We want to give some agency back to people who are blind or have low vision.”

Hugo Veiga

Making the world move forward

Global CCO AKQA Hugo Veiga as jury president of the Cannes Lions Mobile category speaks to Little Black Book about the democratic nature of mobile technology.

jon ip
Jon Ip

The innovative needle

Managing Director AKQA Shanghai Jon Ip has been selected to join the jury for the TV, Cinema and Online Film category at the LIA Chinese Creativity Show.

jay osgerby
Jay Osgerby

Loss, legacy and longevity

Universal Design Studio Co-Founder Jay Osgerby discusses his first steps into his career, the growth of Barber Osgerby and his family, with Clever podcast.

Ros Horner 1
Ros Horner

Design at heart

AKQA AUNZ is supporting young designers in a Cannes Lions competition. Executive Design Director AKQA Ros Horner features explores the new design category.

See It Be It001
Ellen Fromm and Teresa Verde Pinho

See It Be It

Senior Copywriter AKQA Amsterdam Ellen Fromm and Creative AKQA São Paulo Teresa Verde Pinho joins the Cannes Lions bespoke accelerator programme, See It Be It.

Eric Orton

Unpredictable disruption

Executive Technology Director AKQA AUNZ Eric Orton spoke among Sitecore’s partners to share commerce predictions. Eric forecasts the blending of digital and physical experience.

Miriam Plon Sauer

Strategic sparring partners

Executive Strategy Director AKQA EMEA Miriam Plon Sauer speaks to Danish Marketing Magazine on how to develop the best creative ideas.

Hugo Viega
Hugo Veiga

Cannes Lions Jury President

AKQA’s Global Chief Creative Officer Hugo Veiga has been appointed Cannes Lions Jury President for the Mobile Lions category, celebrating device-driven creativity.

Luiza Baffa and Yllo Pedra

30 Under 30

AKQA São Paulo studios Managing Director Luiza Baffa and Senior Creative Yllo Pedra have been recognised in Meio and Mensagem 30 Under 30 list.

ADC award
Jefferson Liu and Axel Nygards

ADC Awards jury

The ADC 101st Annual awards celebrate the very best of creativity with a focus on artistry and craftsmanship. Jefferson Liu, Axel Nygards from AKQA join as jury members.

Jade Tomlin
Jade Tomlin

Seven ages of a creative

Group Creative Director AKQA London Jade Tomlin speaks to Creative Review about her journey into the creative industry, changes witnessed during her career, and dreams for the future.

Brian Vella-1-
Brian Vella

Predictions for the year ahead

The Australian Financial Review polled leaders about where the advertising and marketing landscape is heading. Managing Partner AKQA APAC Brian Vella shares his insights.

Luiza Baffa e Matias Menendez
Matias Menendez and Luiza Baffa

Matias Menendez joins AKQA

AKQA welcomes Matias Menendez as Executive Creative Director for São Paulo. Alongside Managing Director Luiza Baffa, Matias will lead the Brazilian operations.

Romain Lartigue and Steffen Blauenfeldt Otkjaer

A one to one world

Managing Director AKQA Europe Romain Lartigue and Managing Director AKQA Denmark Steffen Blauenfeldt Otkjaer explores the evolution of direct-to-consumer strategies.

Diego Machado
Diego Machado

D&AD jury

Chief Creative Officer AKQA Diego Machado joins the Experiential jury at the D&AD Awards for 2022. The awards set a benchmark for creative excellence in design and advertising.

Paula Essig and Eduarda Nieto

Next creative leaders

AKQA’s Senior Art Director Paula Essig and Senior Designer Eduarda Nieto have been named as winners for the Next Creative Leaders 2021 by The One Club for Creativity.

Jade Tomlin, Lars Samuelsen, Laura Jordan Bambach

Eurobest 2021 Jury Panel

Group Creative Director AKQA London Jade Tomlin, Creative Chairman and CSO Uncle Grey Lars Samuelsen and President and CCO Grey London Laura Jordan Bambach join the jury.

Weekly Direct from China
Eva Qin and Ivy Wen

Direct from China

AKQA Shanghai’s Head of Strategy Eva Qin and Senior Strategist Ivy Wen presented at the Alibaba 11:11 global Shopping Festival.

iab mixx
Gus Machado

Setting the benchmark

The IAB MIXX Awards celebrates the best of advertising and digital marketing in Uruguay. Senior Copywriter AKQA São Paulo Gus Machado is joining the International jury.

Miriam Plon Sauer

The future of brand building

Executive Strategy Director AKQA Copenhagen Miriam Plon Sauer discusses key strategies related to brand building, strategy, valuation and performance at this year's Web Summit.

Arendse Hero
Arendse Rohland


Copywriter AKQA Copenhagen Arense Rohland speaks to Little Black Book on why the best ideas are hiding in plain sight and the importance of the dinner table.

Eric Shapiro
Eric Shapiro

A warm welcome

Grey London appoints Eric Shapiro as Director of Data Strategy. Eric shares his wealth of experience from Google to develop new approaches for measuring the impact of Grey London’s work.

CCO Grey South Asia
Sandipan Bhattacharyya

Borderless talent

Sandipan Bhattacharyya has been promoted to the newly created role of Chief Creative Officer Grey Group, South Asia. Sandipan said: “I’m excited to collaborate on ideas that have a global footprint.”

Tahir Yousuf Joins Grey Pakistan
Tahir Yousuf

Tahir Yousuf joins Grey Pakistan

Grey Pakistan appoints Tahir Yousuf as Managing Director. He will be responsible for delivering effective and innovative solutions to clients, collaborating with Grey’s other studios.

Tarek Sioufi
Tarek Sioufi

Grey London's new CSO

Tarek Sioufi appointed Chief Strategy Officer Grey London. President and CCO Grey London Laura Jordan Bambach said: “He’s dynamic, knowledgeable and brings a wealth of wisdom.”

Grey Health & Wellness Expands
Morten V. Frederiksen

Grey Health & Wellness Expands

Morten V. Frederiksen, President of Grey H&W EMEA, will lead the team to grow health and wellness brands. “We will help businesses adapt to ever-evolving consumer patterns.”

Grey Group
Laura Maness, Javier Campopiano, Jason Kahner, Thiago Cruz and Alba Anthony

Grey unveils new leadership team

Laura Maness, Grey CEO, alongside Javier Campopiano, Grey CCO, appoint new hires and promotions for Grey Global and Grey New York.

4. Infusing Digital Capabilities
Anusha Shetty

Most influential

Chairperson and Group CEO AutumnGrey Anusha Shetty named one of IMPACT’s 50 Most Influential Women. Recognising contribution and inspiring leadership.

1. Lee-Simpson
Lee Simpson

Bringing the extraordinary to the everyday

CEO whiteGREY Lee Simpson speaks to Little Black Book about his accomplished career path, the platform orchestration agency model and emerging client trends.

Nur El Shami

Nur El Shami Chief Operating Officer, Grey new York

Nur has a wealth of experience driving transformation, navigating diverse creative fields. Nur is an invaluable leader, focusing on delivering the best work and evolving team infrastructures.

Laura Visco

Grey hires Laura Visco as Global Chief Creative Officer

Laura will oversee international accounts, including The Coca-Cola Company. CCO Grey Javier Campopiano said: “Laura has a unique way to relentlessly create change.”

Taavi Kelle


Design and Innovation Lead at Potato Taavi Kelle has been featured in the BIMA 100, Creatives and Designers category.

3. Adweek 100 Creative Talents to Watch Jesse Wong
Jesse Wong

Building success

Creative Director Jesse Wong GREYnJ United has been recognised as one of Adweek’s 100 creative talents to watch.

1. The Quincean era She Deserves Pantene
Arturo Macouze

Behind the idea

Creative Director Grey Arturo Macouze speaks to Creative Pool about the concept of Isa’s Quinceañera for Pantene. Exploring the concept process, challenges faced and the teams overall goal.

3. Grey Malaysia ECDs
Heng Thang Wei and Jeremy Yeoh

A boost of creativity

Grey Malaysia has appointed two new Deputy Executive Creative Directors. Heng Thang Wei has been promoted from Creative Director along with new hire Jeremy Yeoh.

Jade Laura Weekly
Laura Jordan-Bambach and Jade Tomlin

Campaign BIG Awards panel

President and CCO Grey London Laura Jordan-Bambach and Group Creative Director AKQA Jade Tomlin are joining the judging panel to celebrate the best of British advertising.

Ron Lewis

Distrust in the air

Creative Director Grey Ron Lewis speaks with Muse by Clio about tackling health inequity, the growing distrust in science and the advent of home as point of care.

Fran Luckin

Woman of the Year

CCO Grey Africa Fran Luckin voted Woman of the Year in MarkLives’ Agency Leaders Most Admired poll 2021 in Africa. Honouring women who play a pivotal role in the industry.

Davi Portrait 02
Davi Sing Liu

Grey’s first CCO for P&G AMEA

Davi will be part of Grey’s P&G Global Leadership Team in Shanghai, partnering with Sarah Trombetta to set the creative vision and direction for P&G’s portfolio of iconic brands.

tim devine
Tim Devine

Sustainable marketing

Executive Innovation Director AKQA AUNZ Tim Devine joins IAB Australia to review consumer trends and marketing approaches for sustainable products and marketplaces.

Fran Luckin

The power of humour

CCO Grey Africa Fran Luckin speaks to Business Live about the the power of humour as a tool in adverts. Fran said: “It’s tragic that brands are afraid of using humour because they fear they may offend someone.”

2. Francisca Maass Is Promoted to President of Grey Germany
Francisca Maass

New President of Grey Germany

Grey Germany has appointed CCO Francisca Maass to the role of President. In her new role, Maass will take on responsibility for Grey’s continued growth in Germany.

Amber Guild grey news
Amber Guild

Grey hires Amber Guild

Grey has hired New York Times Executive Amber Guild to lead the New York office. Amber had served as president of the Times' T Brand branded content arm.

Grey Lauries
Tyler Lambert and Kevin Radebe

Loeries 2021 Young Creatives

Grey South Africa’s Copywriter Tyler Lambert and Art Director Kevin Radebe have been named as the winners of the Loeries Young Creatives award.

Peter Alsante
Peter Alsante

Peter Alsante joins Grey New York

Peter Alsant joins Grey New York as Executive Creative Director. Peter led the team that won acclaim, including one Emmy and 11 Cannes Lions.

AdStar 2
MeeYee Foong and Buboy Paguio

From imagination to realisation

AKQA Shanghai’s Creative Director MeeYee Foong and Technical Creative Director Buboy Paguio delivered a keynote at AdStars discussing leveraging new technologies.

Felipe Duarte and Rick Garcia

JongeHonden 2021

Copywriter Felipe Duarte and Senior Art Director Rick Garcia from AKQA Amsterdam have won the JongeHonden (Dutch Young Lions).

Rakesh Rachamalla
Rakesh Rachamalla

The e-commerce revolution

Managing Director AKQA Sydney Rakesh Rachamalla speaks to AdNews regarding the e-commerce revolution, the role of CX and what brand leaders need to consider.

Alisia Muscat, Camila Acosta, Mel Huang

B&T Women Leading Tech Awards

Managing Director AKQA AUNZ Alisia Muscat hosted a panel while AKQA’s Camila Acosta, Engineering Lead was shortlisted in the engineering category, Mel Huang received the highly commended award in the design category.

Hillary Coe and Andre Gray

The most inspiring talent

Principal of Experience AKQA San Francisco Hillary Coe and ECD Grey New York Andre Gray are honoured in this year’s Adweek’s Creative 100.

Matt T
Matt Townsend

Leading brand summit

Executive Product Director AKQA Auckland Matt Townsend presented a keynote at New Zealand’s leading brand summit sharing insights regarding the future of experiences.

Florence Ng
Florence Ng

The Drum Awards jury 2021

The Drum Awards for Digital Advertising APAC recognises the most effective and innovative work. Creative Director AKQA Shanghai Florence Ng has been selected to join the jury.

Dan DB
Dan Dowden-Brown

New Delivery Director appointed at Potato

Dan Dowden-Brown joins Potato as Delivery Director for its US operation. Dan joins from AKQA where he was Delivery Director, bringing a wealth of client experience.

Alisia Muscat BandT
Alisia Muscat

Breaking perceptions

Managing Director AKQA AUNZ Alisia Muscat speaks to BandT, reflecting on her thirteen-year career as a woman leading in tech and how vital diversity is as a core value.

Hideaki Hara
Hideaki Hara

AKQA Tokyo’s new General Manager

Hideaki Hara has been promoted to AKQA Tokyo’s new General Manager, leading the studio’s business in Japan. A Client Partner who has worked with Nike, Google, Itochu and more.

Jon Ip-U
Jon Ip

Jon Ip to lead Shanghai

Jon Ip has been appointed Managing Director for AKQA Shanghai. The move comes after three successful years of Sam Sterling’s leadership.

Johnny Budden

The Drum’s UK Digital Agency Census

Executive Creative Director AKQA Johnny Budden speaks to the Drum about how AKQA has kept up its culture of excellence while colleagues and creatives are working apart.

5. Yo Pic 2020
Yolanda Haynesworth

Diversity and Inclusion

Executive Vice President Yolanda Haynesworth at Grey Health & Wellness joined the Adobe panel, calling upon the advertising industry for immediate action from all organisations to include a broader spectrum of race, culture and background.

Gemma Redgrave Image
Gemma Redgrave

Rising stars inspiring change

Marketing Director AKQA London Gemma Redgrave has been named in The Dots rising stars inspiring change list, spotlighted for transforming today’s industry.

Hillary Coe
Hillary Coe

Hillary Coe joins AKQA

Hillary Coe joins as Principal of Experience, in San Francisco. Hillary has 15 years of experience in design, catering to some of the world’s largest and innovative companies.

SP promotions
Luiza Baffa

AKQA São Paulo leadership team

At AKQA São Paulo Luiza Baffa has been promoted to Managing Director leading the studio, its partnerships and client collaborations.

wpp equileap

WPP named a gender equality

The Equileap Global Report assessed 3,702 publicly-listed companies across 19 gender equality criteria. Including the pay gap and policies relating to parental leave and sexual harassment

ignore the status quo-Header
AKQA Perspectives

Reasons to ignore the status quo this year

Grey Copenhagen, Potato San Francisco, AKQA Shanghai and Melbourne crowd-sourced a list of 21 emerging trends that have the potential to change our trajectory and excite us for 2021.

Debby Reiner, Steph van Niekerk

Female Frontier

Grey Global Client Leader Debby Reiner and Executive Creative Director Grey Africa Steph van Niekerk were recognised in the awards.

Jade Tomlin
Jade Tomlin

Jade Tomlin joins AKQA

Jade Tomlin has joined AKQA London as Group Creative Director. Jade has over 12 years’ experience in lead creative roles, and reports into Johnny Budden.

nyfest 2
AKQA Group

New York Festival Jury

Across AKQA Group, employees have been invited to participate in the Executive and Grand Jury for this year’s New York Festival Advertising Awards.

Bianca Dordea

Joins AKQA in San Francisco as Client Partner

Bianca is a marketing communications leader with over 22 years’ experience. Her multicultural and cross-functional background, working on client and agency side gives her a unique perspective.

Gemma Redgrave

The best workplace for the future

After honouring AKQA as Agency of the Year, Creativepool asked Talent Partnerships Manager Gemma Redgrave, about working at AKQA and what’s expected in 2021.

Shaun Rowland

The great personalisation reset

Marketing Strategy Director Shaun Rowland, AKQA Melbourne spoke to Mi3 about why 2021 is the year for a fundamental rethink on personalisation.

TJ Njozela

Grey Africa appoints Creative Director

Grey Africa welcomes TJ Njozela as Creative Director. TJ believes that the power in advertising lies in its ability to affect people on a psychological and emotional level.

Nathan Gainford and Jonny Tennant-Price

Grey London’s new Managing Directors

Grey has appointed Nathan Gainford and Jonny Tennant-Price as joint Managing Directors, the new roles are designed to help support creative product, culture and operations.

Steph Van Niekerk, Asawin Phanichwatana, Graham Drew, Justine Armour

The One Show jury

Senior Creatives including Steph Van Niekerk, Asawin Phanichwatana, Graham Drew, and Justine Armour from Grey have been selected as jury members for The One Show.

2. Grey China Kathy Liu
Kathy Liu

Grey China new Head of Strategy

Kathy said: “I am delighted to take on this role and look forward to partnering with our clients to deliver truly transformative results for their brand and business.”

daisy and orla
Daisy Bard and Orla O’Connor

Future Leaders 2021

Grey London’s Daisy Bard and Orla O’Connor are two of Campaign’s top 30 female, non-binary and gender non-conforming rising stars.

Andre Gray Image
Andre G. Gray

Andre G. Gray joins Grey

Grey New York welcomes Andre G. Gray as an Executive Creative Director. CCO Grey New York Justine Armour said: “Andre is committed to advocating for underrepresented voices.”

Yukiko Ochiai image
Yukiko Ochiai

Recognising International Women’s Day

Campaign Asia speaks to President and CEO Grey Tokyo Yukiko Ochiai to share her thoughts on the best ways for brands to mark International Women’s Day.

Richard Stevens

Map’s new Principal Director

Industrial design studio Map announces Richard Stevens as its new Principal Director. Richard said: “For me, the most exciting challenge is to move the Map story forward.”

Terence Leong

New Tokyo Executive Creative Director

Joining AKQA Japan as Executive Creative Director is Terence Leong. In his new role, Terence is responsible for translating AKQA’s global creative vision for the Japanese market.


Mentoring emerging creatives

Laura Beretti, Richard Buchanen, Rosie Cross, Paul Ostryzniuk, Robbie Smith, Jacqui Sze and Yazminca Woodward are working with emerging creatives as part of D&AD New Blood Academy.

Diego Machado

Nurturing young creative talent

AKQA Global CCO Diego Machado spoke with The Drum about engaging junior talent during this disorienting and intensely frustrating time.

1. Laura Jordan Bambach
Laura Jordan Bambach

The inaugural 40 Over Forty list

A prominent voice championing bold creative experimentation, gender equality, and diversity, CCO of Grey London Laura Jordan Bambach is recognised in the first year of Forty over 40.

Sam Sterling

Asia-Pacific Strategy Leadership

Sam Sterling has been appointed as Chief Strategy Officer across Asia-Pacific. In Sam’s new position, the region will benefit from her international experience in business.

W-New Buisness Unit Director op 2
Qaqamba Jacobs

Grey Africa New Business Unit Director

Qaqamba brings a wealth of diverse experience in branding, advertising and media. Her deep knowledge in alcohol marketing will help steer the Hunters brand and WPP #LIQUID team to greater heights.

Eduarda Nieto
Eduarda Nieto

From the Academy to Art Directing for Nike

Art Director Eduarda Nieto speaks to D&AD about her career journey. From winning a Pencil at New Blood Awards, to being part of the Academy, Eduarda then went home to Brazil and began working at AKQA Casa.

SimonJefferson picture[1]
Simon Jefferson

Accelerating trends

Managing Partner Simon Jefferson speaks to Top Interactive Agencies. On the pandemic, Simon said: “it has pushed people online to do the things they would have done offline, accelerating trends we’ve seen over the past 10 years.”

Danish Digital Awards
Miriam Plon Sauer and Mads Fuhr

Danish Digital Awards

Strategy Director Miriam Plon Sauer and Client Service Director Mads Fuhr were part of the Danish Digital Award’s jury, which highlights the most inspiring and effective digital work.

Geoff Northcott

Sports and e-sports marketing

Managing Partner Geoff Northcott talks to Global Vice President Nike Football, Camilo Andrade about learnings from sport and carrying them over to your career.

Alisia Muscat BandT
Alisia Muscat

Leading through a crisis

Managing Director Alisia Muscat speaks to B&T. Alisia said: “We’ve empowered the team to lead the way, tell us how we can stay connected, engaged and motivated.”

Retail and Covid-19-1
Brian Vella

Covid-19 and Retail

David Roth CEO The Store WPP EMEA and Asia recently interviewed Managing Partner Brian Vella on how retailers are increasing their digital footprint.

Sam Sterling thumbnail-large
Sam Sterling

Beyond the pandemic

Managing Director Sam Sterling writes for Forbes about life after the pandemic. Sam said: “We can take the view that things will be uncertain, or take steps now to build a robust business.”

GOHU STILLS 4x3 0027 28-1
Hugo Veiga

All will be cool

Chief Creative Officer Hugo Veiga, released ‘Vai Ficar Fixe’, from his alter ego – Gohu. MTV said: “The coolest song from quarantine.” All profits will be donated to fight Covid-19.

Natalie Broome
Natalie Broome

WACL Future Leaders

Learning and Development Manager Natalie Broome, has been named as one of WACL’s Future Leaders 2020 award winners, Natalie will attend a Rising Women Leaders Programme.

Alisia Muscat and Sam Sterling

What the West can learn from China

Managing Directors, Alisia Muscat and Sam Sterling swap stories and strategies about dealing with Covid-19 and what the West can learn from China.

Miriam Plon Sauer

Miriam Plon Sauer joins Denmark’s leadership

Joining AKQA as Executive Strategy Director 15 months ago, Miriam Plon Sauer has recently been promoted to General Manager of our Denmark studio.

Johnny Budden portrait image
Johnny Budden

Promoted to Executive Creative Director

Johnny has spent nearly a decade with AKQA, in his new position Johnny’s work will unite physical and digital worlds to enhance lives across service, product and architecture.

Miriam Plon Sauer-1
Miriam Plon Sauer

The origin story of the Adman

General Manager Miriam Plon Sauer, speaks to Unfold about changing the destructive self-narrative of the PR and communications industry.

Brian Vella
Brian Vella

Working the slack

Managing Partner, Brian Vella, writes about embracing the slack in the system due to Covid-19, use this as an opportunity to prepare for what’s next.