Working at AKQA

The home of courageous invention.


AKQA is trusted to collaborate with many of the world’s most respected organisations, families and institutions. At the same time, we are fortunate to receive notable recognition for the influence of our work and its ability to make a positive difference in people’s lives.

Our consistent track record of results achieved for clients have set our firm apart. Many of our team joined AKQA inspired by the potential expressed in our purpose. At the same time our founding values guide our work and the philosophy of our firm.

We also know it’s only when our intentions, actions and behaviours consistently align with our purpose that we have employees and clients who recommend us and work that contributes to society.


Our primary motivation, through the work we do and the culture we influence, is the desire to:

Create a better future.

Our ideas are often born from the frustration of looking at what already exists and asking the question: “Why does it have to be this way?”

Ideas have the power to break down barriers, unite people and shape a better future.

There are no rules, formulas or shortcuts. To open eyes, ears and hearts, it takes the timeless principles of passion, courage and care.

  • Innovation – we elevate the spirit with pioneering ideas, new possibilities and the imaginative application of art and science to improve people’s lives and make a positive lasting impact.
  • Service – we work with integrity, striving for better ways to deliver value and velocity at every connection. Through mutual respect for colleagues and clients, we nurture long-term relationships.
  • Quality – we conscientiously adhere to high professional standards and superior quality to create influential work that consistently surpasses audience, client and community expectations.
  • Thought – we are a work in progress and continually seek opportunities to improve. We are continuously researching, listening, learning, adapting across all aspects of our organisation and the work we do. We apply the most rigorous thinking process to recommend and deliver optimal solutions.

AKQA is an ambitious, growth-oriented company. Growth for society, clients, people, and values.

There are always opportunities to push things forward, not just in the work we do but in how we serve each other, clients and the world around us.

Our aspiration is to become the employer of choice. An inclusive, world-leading innovation agency where colleagues and clients recommend us.


AKQA is committed to helping our team develop into the best possible practitioners, providing unparalleled opportunities to rapidly acquire leadership skills and build a formidable foundation for their career. Our employees benefit from the trusted long-term nature of our client relationships as well as the cultural alignment between the client and our organisation.

Our team works as a single firm, without geographic division, enabling us to utilise resources from across our studios and network to provide the best solutions for our clients. Over 70% of our clients work with our teams in multiple regions.

In addition to our own Future Lions initiative, we have formed partnerships with many schools and universities. We combine youth and energy with maturity and experience to develop a community that has diversity of knowledge, exceptional competence and professional judgement.


In addition to on-the-job training, AKQA offers a menu of formal training, AKQA Insight and WPP Professional Development. This comprehensive curriculum is designed to equip our team with the substantive creative, engineering, business acumen, communications, management and analytical skills required to have professionally rewarding careers.

AKQA Insight online courses are taught by leaders in their fields including AKQA’s team and respected external experts. All AKQA employees and clients are invited to participate in the AKQA Insight education platform. These comprise of a series of informative, inspirational lectures and Q&A sessions with both established and emerging authors, artists, athletes, scientists, inventors, educators and entrepreneurs.

Diversity, inclusion & equity

Diversity is vital to our aspiration of providing fulfilling careers for our team and effective solutions for our clients. We are committed to fostering a varied, inclusive and equitable work environment, where every employee is able to bring their whole self to work and where our commonalities and our differences are celebrated.

As part of our commitment to inclusion across the full spectrum of diversity, we are taking active steps towards becoming the leading creative and professional services firm for the attraction, promotion and retention of under-represented groups. We recognise an ongoing series of actions needs to be taken to advance equity and appropriately address issues.

Through a series of company-wide, industry and recruitment initiatives, we are making progress towards our diversity goals, continuing to learn and improve.

Mental health and physical wellbeing

Employees can’t be their best at work unless they are in good physical and mental health. Recent global events have educated all about underlying risk factors, the importance of wellness, and disease prevention. The healthier our lifestyles, the better resilience and longevity we are likely to have. In addition to organised opportunities through sport, yoga and meditation, for example, we also provide our employees with regular self-care resources for families and individuals, combined with continuous positive lifestyle encouragement.


AKQA is designed to be an organisation that has endurance, courage and an open mind.

We know that our longevity is inextricably linked to the health of our planet and each living organism that also calls it home. We believe every individual carries the duty to ensure the earth we inhabit today is fit for life tomorrow.

Around the world, in each of our studios, we are continually assessing how the work we do and the way we do it can enhance the service we provide for our employees, clients, society and environment. From the suppliers we engage, to the local communities we touch and the spaces in which we function.