What we look for

Soar High.

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At AKQA, we serve to lead. For us leadership is a responsibility. It is about setting an example with respect for all at it’s core. It is the duty to be both proficient at our roles and to seek self-improvement.

Our leaders therefore develop themselves and colleagues. They build teams, set direction, raise standards and enhance cohesion to provide encouragement and inspiration.

Sometimes, when creating a labour of love, we all put in long hours and sometimes we can all feel burdened by deadlines; but the exhilaration will hopefully always outweigh the exhaustion. We create something, so there is satisfaction. We do it as a team, so there is friendship and we do something useful and inspiring, so there is a sense of purpose.

In turn, we offer a competitive salary, a variety of benefits, a respectful and meritocratic working environment with limitless opportunities for personal and professional development.

Our evolution will continue from this solid foundation. We recognise that AKQA’s continued progression and innovation for our clients rests on our ability to attract, develop and retain the finest talent. We put particular emphasis on the following qualities:


We look for people that aim high, for whom ‘the impossible’ has a special attraction. People that are open to new ideas, new experiences and exploring alternative avenues for solving a problem or unlocking an opportunity. Our people aspire for a wealth of adventures in their journey with AKQA so they keep challenging themselves and our teams to unleash the potential.


We look for people that, with a leap of the imagination, develop creative and effective solutions. People that have limitless curiosity and are always looking at ways to re-invent approaches, products and services.


We look for people that have a contagious passion and genuine enthusiasm about their role and work they create. This passion and desire brings positive energy and contributes to accomplishing the extraordinary.


We work with leaders within the many of the world’s most prestigious and influential companies. We therefore look for people who demonstrate leadership - whether through work, sports, community, entrepreneurialism, school, or extracurricular activities - and can foster effective teamwork to drive results, positive change, and also help others achieve their goals.


Our people need to be adaptable to the ever-evolving requirements of both projects and client activity level. Flexibility, change and a degree of comfort with ambiguity are therefore crucial characteristics for all our employees. As an international firm with clients, projects and offices all over the world, our employees may need to travel depending on the assignment or responsibility.


We look for people that are conscientious because they take pride in everything they do. Conscientious people are reliable, responsible, rigorous, well-organised and plan ahead. Never willing to rest on their laurels, conscientious people always believe that they are only as good as their next project.