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When I’m With Her.

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Our New York team has created When I’m With Her – a film that explores many dimensions of the incredible women in AKQA’s studio.

Supported by Adobe, the project was unveiled to the entire New York studio, followed by a talk with The Lives of Men Creative Director, Jason Rosario and children’s book author, Veronica Cameron.

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Sprung from the insight that 75% of people, not just women, hide a side of themselves at work, our New York studio wanted to illuminate the team at their fullest, most authentic selves.

The film is intended to start a conversation around the diverse intersections of gender equality, to help facilitate a company culture where everyone can be true allies to each other’s success and development. The best work and ideas always emerge from open, collaborative environments.

Tamara Masri

“I’ve been playing instruments and experimenting with mixing and producing since I can remember. However, as I progressed through school and work, music began to take a back seat to other priorities. But every time I pick up a guitar, I remember why I love it so much.” — Tamara, Associate Project Manager

Olivia Park

“So much of the day is spent sitting at a desk. So whenever I’m outside of the office, my adventurous side takes over. I explore the city by foot, and I explore the city by food.” — Olivia, Resource Manager

Justine Takacs

“There’s no right or wrong in roller dance, it’s all about expressing yourself and trusting that this inclusive and loving community will dust you off when you fall.” — Justine, UX Designer

Resh Sidhu

“I’m a total motor head, I love riding motorcycles and driving vintage cars, nothing like the feeling of an open road and endless destinations.” — Resh, Group Creative Director