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When I’m With Her

Stories of dimension.


For International Women’s Day 2021 When I’m With Her celebrates women’s stories across AKQA by depicting moments where they express their fullest selves (inclusive of but not limited to those who identify as female, femme, non-binary, transgender and genderqueer).

When I’m With Her has continued to expand outside of the New York Studio, where it originally launched in 2020, to feature women from across the global studios of AKQA.

“The restlessness of the pandemic’s routine had mentally broken me. That was until I started writing, which, in the same way as meditation, is healing. It helps me to reconnect with myself and the surrounding world - and learn how to cherish the present in a daily moment of expression. My little moleskine follows me everywhere and each day, I catch up with sensitivity and think about every detail of the unique moments that brightened my day before transferring them onto paper.”

Diana, Office Manager, Paris

“I declare after all there is no enjoyment like reading. This quote by Jane Austen (Pride and Prejudice, one of my favourites) reflects perfectly my philosophy; by reading countless books, I open up my mind, explore my emotions, widen my imagination and go places; there is no better way to learn the meaning of everything.”

Myriam, Senior Analyst, Amsterdam

“As a child, I was a little too sensitive, a little too bold and a little too imaginative than the other kids. As I grew up, I grew into my personality and learned that the phrase a little too much was designed to belittle those born to be big.”

Christiana, Senior Strategist, Amsterdam

“The expanse of the universe is a grand place of order and chaos, form and formlessness, energy and entropy, paradoxes and truths. The greatest endeavor of humankind, the most perilous, everlasting expedition will be the induction of our place in this dark, unforgiving oceanic abyss. We are the midnight captains, guided by vast, cold, intergalactic prophecies left by the stars who made us. We will die and we will live in a way no one has ever imagined, with the infinite horizon in our eyes and a Martian frontier in our midst.”

Hillary, Principle Experience, San Francisco

“Photography allows me to tell greater stories than my own. I’m currently in the middle of my second 365 photography project, and through my self-portraits and portraits of others, I get to create the worlds that float in my imagination.”

Madeline, Copywriter, Gothenburg

“With distance and isolation, I have used my free time to learn more about my grandparents’ history. As I cannot visit the places that permeated these stories, I did a visit on Google Maps and tried to creatively translate what comes to my mind. It has been a comforting way to keep them close.”

Eduarda, Creative Director, São Paulo

“I’m a she-wolf: loyal to the core, strong when necessary, perfectly fine on my own, but thriving in a pack.”

Giulia, Associate Strategist, Milan

“I enjoy being physically creative, outdoorsy active and culturally stimulated.”

Kayla, Strategist, Shanghai

“There is an energy accessible to everyone; the energy, the freedom that comes from doing what makes you feel more alive, living in the moment. To me, it comes as a compulsion and it takes many forms: from the urge to see what lies beyond that far ridge, to the sense of freedom that surfing gives me, to the pleasure of disconnecting in a sunset yoga session, to the surprise I feel in front of a new idea. I created a journal to be able to remember what I felt in these moments, where I have been - emotionally and physically - and why it mattered.”

Veronica, Associate Strategist, Milan

“A simple cup of tea is far from a simple matter. I have switched from coffee to tea recently. It quiets my heart yet quickens my mind. The life aesthetics embodied through it and the subtle philosophy laid behind it are more elegant than the gestures or teawares. For different kinds of tea, there are thousands of ways to match. But when it is well applied, there is no restrainer or stereotype.”

Sherlyn, Experience Designer, Shanghai

“I have been overwhelmed by the kindness, persistence and warmth of loved ones and strangers who have helped me explore rugged terrains. My wheelchair has been strapped to tuk-tuks and dinghies, carried up the sides of mountains, down the depths of coves, dragged through festival mud and everything in-between. Allowing me to be free without restrictions, sharing laughter, joy and connection through triumph.”

Amy, Marketing Executive, London

“Dressing up is not only about putting something on, I like to think about it as a way of expression. Mixing, matching, following and breaking the rules. Dressing accordingly to the mood or dressing up to change it.”

Marina, Creative Director, São Paulo

“Dancing keeps me sane. Movement is a way of telling my body thank you.”

Angelique, Senior Designer, San Francisco

“I am often surprised by little instances. And I enjoy them so much that I think it’s fair to share it with the world. They are usually created by people living daily lives in the city. And now with the isolation, when everyday seems to be the same, I found these unique instances through the light that keeps changing. Light on the walls, light on my body, light from the windows. I keep being surprised.”

Paula, Creative Director, São Paulo

“I love to travel alone. I love the feeling of getting lost in a foreign country because no one knows who I am and I can start fresh. Random encounters often turn into lifelong friendships. I can go on an adventure for weeks with just a carry-on luggage. I bring back stories to tell rather than souvenirs. My favorite one being a list of what my future holds, written by a fortune teller in Jaipur, India.”

Nicolette, Client Enablement Executive, Tokyo

“Stepping into nature is something I’ve always wanted to do. So I learned canoe and camp this spring, I stayed amongst the mountains and rivers.”

Ines, Senior Copywriter, Shanghai