Where Voices Converge

The flow of ideas inspired by the flow of our rivers.

TEDX-hero thumb
TEDX-hero thumb


Minds are like rivers

Experts with diverse perspectives collaborated for TEDxAmazônia to discuss ways of caring for the Amazon, one of the most important biomes for the global climate issue. How the conference brought minds together led AKQA Bloom to the visual of a basin where each river depends on each other to thrive.


Where voices converge

Where Voices Converge compares the collaboration process of ideas to the formation of a river, coming to life from the meeting of different tributaries. The idea of uniting diverse voices for a greater good is featured in the promotional film, together with visuals of woodcut art, and a poetic script narrated in three different languages. In Portuguese, by Eduarda Parente from Manaus; English, by Nat Kelly, a Quechua environmentalist; and Nheengatu, by Cauã Nobrega, an Indigenous person from Alter do Chão.


Visual identity

The visuals were created using woodcut technique, a common Brazilian form of art. The lines cut into the wood represent the Amazon basin, showing that, similar to rivers, we become stronger and more powerful when we join forces.


An event that will inspire action

During the critical time that the Amazon is experiencing, the TEDxAmazônia event, which took place in Manaus, became even more important. Thirteen years after the first edition, the conference brought together 50 speakers and 450 participants who discussed solutions for caring for the Amazon biome.