Natural life expectancy

Using AI to imagine farm animals growing old.

16 09 NotCo


When was the last time you saw an old cow, pig, or chicken?

Most people have never seen farm animals grow to a mature age because they only live a fraction of their natural lives in the food industry. NotCo, a global food tech company, has developed an AI named Giuseppe to create a more sustainable world by eliminating animals from the food equation and recreating the flavour and texture of animal products using only plants.

With the advancement of generative AI, NotCo can now use AI to educate people on the disparity between how long animals live in nature and how long animals live in the conventional food system.


Imagine a future in which animals can live their lives to the fullest.

Created by AKQA Bloom, this fresh perspective seeks to expose the fact that in nature, cows can live up to 48 years, pigs up to 23 years and chickens up to 20 years, but in today’s global food system, these animals only live a few months, if not days.

A series of photographic portraits of elderly farm animals, including pigs, chickens, cows and sheep, were created using a combination of AI tools such as ChatGPT, Midjourney and Stable Diffusion.

The hyper-realistic AI images can be seen on social media, billboards and print advertisements in select cities across the United States until the end of Earth Month. NotCo is also deploying the images across other countries where it operates, including Chile, Brazil, Canada, Mexico and Argentina.


Reinventing the food industry for good.

Global food production, which is in large part animal farming, uses up one-third of the earth’s surface and emits more carbon dioxide than all the world’s transportation combined. Since its inception, NotCo has been on a mission to push the boundaries of innovative food production through its one-of-a-kind tech and science. This follows the company’s announcement that it has become a Certified B Corporation.

30% increase in sales
430 million media impressions

We hope this sparks a larger conversation about how we can all do our part to create a better future together – for ourselves, our planet and the animals.

Fernando Machado, Global CMO, NotCo

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