AKQA Bloom aims to help protect our planet, open minds, and enrich lives by collaborating with organizations that share these same ideals, working at the intersection of culture and purpose, finding the balance between love and trust.

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By connecting culture with contribution, we believe that difficulties are not inevitable, challenges are not insurmountable and creative expression infused with meaning will help confront the obstacles that face a world that’s in constant change. No good action is ever too small or too late.


Jean Zamprogno and Fernando Pellizzaro are Founders and Executive Creative Directors at AKQA Bloom, with over 18 years of experience in four countries - the US, Brazil, Argentina, and Portugal. As Creative Directors, they ranked number 1 at Cannes Lions, The One Show, and The Drum, with campaigns such as Moldy Whopper, Stevenage Challenge, Bigger Picture, Eat Like Andy, This Coke is a Fanta and Corona Sunbrew. In the past, they have worked on six Super Bowl campaigns. With the launch of AKQA Bloom, Zampa & Zaro have committed to responding to the most urgent needs of our time with work of environmental, societal, and cultural benefit.

Group Account Director

Silvia Brihy

Silvia has over 15 years of experience in agencies such as Ogilvy, Publicis, and Wieden + Kennedy. For the past few years, she has led her own consultancy company Speakeasy. She is passionate about consistency in brand development and breakthrough creativity, always considering how brands can play a better role in society and the environment.

Group Creative Director

Rodolfo Fernandes

Rodolfo has 13 years of experience across Brazil and the US, winning 19 Cannes Lions, 13 One Show pencils, and nine D&AD pencils, including a Black Pencil. In 2021, one of his campaigns, The Gun Violence History Book, ranked fifth most successful campaign promoting good on the Good Report.

Growth and Sustainability Director

Emma Riley

Emma is a dynamic leader in culture, climate, and brand development. In 2015, she launched the award-winning organization Lonely Whale, and in 2021, she joined Better Shelter with the IKEA Foundation to develop a climate migrant initiative, winning a FastCompany World Changing Idea Award in 2022. She has been recognized as a Rubicon Global Waste Fit Champion and one of the top 100 female culture creators in the United States by PureWow. Emma has been featured in national and international publications and was a mentor and judge with the A/D/O Water Futures challenge.

Érica Bio
Strategy Director

Érica Rigobello

Erica is a passionate strategist who loves contributing to a more inclusive and diverse market, creating entertaining and socially impactful communication. She has over ten years of experience working with brands such as Netflix, FreeFire, Spotify, Heineken, and Nestlé. Erica’s work has been recognised by festivals, such as Cannes Lions, Clios, One Show, Effies and D&AD. Behind this fantastic and ambitious professional, there’s a kind person willing to leave a positive impact on the planet.

Mokhethi Bio
Associate Strategy Director

Mokhethi Siganunu

Mokhethi has more than a decade of expertise in the vibrant advertising and marketing fields. He has worked with agencies in South Africa, attending clients such as Visa, Coca-Cola, BMW, PepsiCo and Google. With a playful spirit, Mokhethi finds joy in connecting with nature and embracing its beauty.

Senior Art Director

Sera Takata

Sera is a creative of multiple talents and an artist by nature. Her skills go beyond advertising, from illustration to singing and songwriting. She has worked in four countries, including England, Germany, Japan, and the US, her home country.

Ana Miraglia
Senior Copywriter

Ana Miraglia

Ana is a writer by heart and a thinker by nature. She has over ten years experience working in the US and Brazil for clients including Burger King, Mastercard, Aleve, and Knorr. Ana’s work has received recognition from Cannes Lions, One Show, New York Festivals, and more. When she is not writing ads, she loves to write comedy sketches.

portrait luiza (1)
Senior Art Director

Luiza Lopes

Luiza has over ten years of experience creating integrated campaigns for clients, including Heinz, Coca-Cola, Nubank and Elma Chips. Luiza created Feminipsum, a text generator that addresses agency sexism, and led, created, and produced for the independent fashion brand PHSD.

Leandro Santini
Senior Delivery Manager

Leandro Santini

Leandro is a good blend of analytical and creative in one package, passionate about technology, films, storytelling, and learning new things. With over 15 years experience, he has worked in eight countries with international exposure to various areas, industries, and types of clients. Leandro is adaptable and proactive, with excellent communication and people skills. A strong team player who can relate well to people at all levels, building long-term relationships.

Cameron Hamlet

Cameron Hamlet

Cam is a dynamic writer who believes the best way to solve brand problems and fulfil client needs is to help solve the customer’s issues and those of the world. He has worked with brands such as Apple, Airbnb, and Puma. Cam works to create a positive impact on society and the environment.

Ken Bio
Account Supervisor

Ken Hirata-Rivera

Ken is a dynamic account supervisor who brings experience from both agency and brand side. He’s lived in Japan and the U.S., working on a range of brands such as Adidas, Beats by Dre, Comcast Business, Jose Cuervo, McIlhenny Co. (TABASCO® Brand), Niantic, Inc. (Pikmin Bloom, Pokémon GO) and Nutribullet.

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AKQA Bloom partners with Carbonext, investing in protecting forests at risk of deforestation across the Amazon. The work supports a project that aims to preserve over 321,000 acres of native forest.