Bank Islam

Be U

Malaysia’s first cloud native Islamic digital bank.


Since 1983 Bank Islam has assisted Malaysia’s financial needs.

With Aleph Bank Islam has conceptualised and designed its first digital banking product connecting with a younger audience and generating in-app engagement through carefully crafted products, features and services.


A platform designed for flexibility, scalability and growth.

Target audience interviews and data from Bank Islam assisted the development of features and service offerings that would help young people achieve their goals on a day-to-day basis.

These were then prototyped and tested with a diverse group of existing and potential customers, providing constructive feedback regarding experience and usability. This allowed for the final version of the app to be designed and future features to be launched by Bank Islam, ensuring visitors are at the core of all decisions throughout the process.

Transactions can now be made without visiting a branch, broadening financial inclusivity for the digital-native generation. An engaging and user-friendly interface allows seamless management of finances.

Creating opportunities along the way.

Multiple elements capable of personalisation and targeted functionality create an individual curated experience for each visitor.

A personal assistant Aqil was created to help with daily needs, recommend targeted actions and jobs to be done. Through Aqil Bank Islam will continue to develop and grow its offerings and services.

The marketplace allows customers to not only manage their money but also consider additional streams of income. Customers can search for various opportunities through different partners, whether free-lance projects, part-time or full-time roles and ad-hoc jobs.

Be U is a gamechanger for the Islamic banking industry. It is a product that intends to redesign and catalyse Bank Islam’s growth by leveraging the rapidly changing fintech landscape and allowing customers access to an easy-to-use financial solution.

Mohd Muazzam Mohamed, Group Chief Executive Officer at Bank Islam


Be U has expanded Bank Islam’s digital platforms, an important step to connect directly with the younger generation.

The app is available on Android and iOS, and includes a first-of-its-kind technology stack. The cloud-native solution is anticipated to be the cornerstone of all upcoming digital banks in Malaysia.

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