Celebrating influencer loyalty.



Countless influencers produce content for beauty products.

L’Oréal wanted to build a platform to help influencers create quality content while increasing brand awareness. The platform provides a complete ecosystem to interact with, learn and share experiences while being rewarded for their contributions.


A unique community.

First born as a website with limited functionality, the second generation of L’Oréal ContentPro is an app that provides a digital ecosystem for a unique community.

ContentPro features collaborative projects, product reviews, social commerce and exclusive benefits, and the extensive gamification system rewards active members, while elevating quality and increasing user engagement.


A sophisticated content creation platform.

The app was downloaded by 18k people on its soft launch, prior to any advertising and thanks to the gamification mechanics and improved curation systems, the number of inactive visitors on the previous iteration are greatly reduced. The product rate and review system act as a bridge between pro-visitors and first-timers, elevating brand loyalty and trust.

18k Downloads during soft launch
4.0 Average app rating
550 Average pieces of content created daily
300% Increase in active visitors