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With access to an abundance of online insider tips and professional information, many are now beauty experts in their own rights.

People are more aware of how to get the results they want. However, this digital shift can pose a cluttered world where individuals have many questions and have to visit multiple sources. It is too much work to get the needed answers, and the personalisation of a physical hair care experience is often lost.


Effortless style, refined perfection and detailed care.

Through a redesign, Alfaparf Group is re-establishing the digital presence of 11 identities under a new perspective: to bring people and professionals together to spark dialogues that pave the way for new forms of beauty.

Based on the concept of conversation, the new website integrates tools and services to foster personal, meaningful connections. It is now easy to find the right product, scout for inspiration or get some timely advice.

Diverse yet recognisable, the new design has been implemented across Alfaparf’s 11 websites. Each identity is confident, unique in offering and united by the common purpose of serving people in their quest for self-expression.

A visual asset library comprising of customisable modules, allow digital environments to be swiftly assembled according to each brand or country’s needs. This innovative global approach guarantees effortless page composition and smooth updates.


More attractive than ever.

Since the launch, has seen a significant increase in traffic by engaging with new audiences. Alfaparf Group can continue to grow with the everchanging world of beauty, taking pride in representing people all over the world, making hair care inclusive to all.

90% Increase in page views
82% Increase in interactions
79% Increase in traffic