Slow Down

Mindfulness and meditation meets e-commerce.



As our days continue to become busier, even the smallest moments of calm can help us achieve balance.

With work, family and other obligations keeping us preoccupied, it isn’t easy to find time for personal wellbeing. Which inspired a thought, why can’t balance naturally become part of our everyday rituals?



A digital retail experience where wellbeing is part of the journey.

Bringing Ritual’s in-store ceremonies online, every detail of the experience is crafted to help users slow down and unwind. Simple transitions ease the mind, thoughtfully curated yoga and meditation content relax the soul, and gifting is personalised effortlessly. Products unfold into stories of traditions from different Asian cultures and moments of calm are offered throughout, reflecting the retail experience.


The fastest-growing beauty brand in Europe is growing even faster.

After the launch of the new platform, Rituals saw a 33% increase in user engagement leading to a 34% growth in online revenue. Content and commerce co-exist for an inspiring experience that converts highly.