La Maison des Carrés

A store like no other, dedicated to the eccentric world of Hermès silk.



An icon of French luxury fashion, Hermès silk is unique in its fantasy and playfulness.

To house this vibrantly creative world, the conventional e-commerce experience needed to be reimagined – moving beyond purchase to a total immersion in the artistry of the brand.

An approach free enough to combine the artistry and craftsmanship of La Maison des Carrés with the pragmatism of a clear and intuitive e-commerce presentation of more than 600 products.


Bring to life the impossible in all its original creativity, inspired by a vision of the perfect physical store.

Always welcoming and informative, perfect customer service combines with delightful surprises unrestrained by the real world. Entirely illustrated yet fully responsive, the ever-changing Maison des Carrés is available on any device and open in 27 countries across Europe, Asia and America.

Hermès La Maison des Carrés video thumbnail


From the world of fashion to industry reviews, La Maison des Carrés has attracted huge media and consumer attention.

The worldwide coverage includes articles in Elle, Vogue, Creative Review, New York Post, WWD Japan, Le Figaro and Creativity.




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