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Crafting Whittaker’s online chocolate experience.

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Connecting the world to world-class chocolate.

J.H. Whittaker, a chocolatier who founded Whittaker’s in New Zealand in 1896, believed that few things entice and delight as much as chocolate.

Whittaker’s core vision is to have the world loving world-class chocolate from Porirua, Wellington.


Revealing what’s under the wrapper.

As New Zealand’s most trusted brand for over a decade, Whittaker’s required an online presence that was luxurious, evocative and personal, just like its chocolate.

Whittaker’s website brings the delicious chocolate to life, allowing for nostalgia and new-found wonder. Every step of the beans-to-bar journey unfolds, carried by crisp photography and immersive 2D and 3D artwork.

Learning what’s under the wrapper, Chocolate Lovers can filter by information like dietary requirements, certification and chocolate type.

Locale-specific sites ensure the right information gets to the right people.


A truly global treat.

Whittaker’s online presence designed anew was received well by New Zealand’s Chocolate Lovers, with a significant increase in content engagement, product-specific searches and views, particularly of the online recipe section.

A 50% rise in visitor uptake fed into planning the next phase of Whittaker’s website, enabling chocolate to be directly bought, experienced and enjoyed all over the world.

1.8m views since launch
20k new subscribers
50% rise in visitors
40% rise in engagement


Best Design Award for Large Scale Website