Fold in magic

A rising passion for making, kneading and learning.

Paneangeli - Phone recipe


Feeding the spark.

Paneangeli awakens childhood memories, evoking the scent of homemade cakes at family gatherings. With an emotional bond with many Italians, people turned to Paneangeli for suggestions and support during and after Covid-19 lockdowns, as they experimented with desserts and pizza making. The spark’s ignited; time to feed it.


The wondrous enchantment of the power to create.

The new Paneangeli website mitigates the pain points of the cooking process and celebrates the magical moments. Gliding around the site is like flicking through the pages of a beautiful cookbook steeped in the wisdom and heritage of Paneangeli. A world of recipes is arranged by occasion, sweet, savoury and diet, making it easy to find the perfect recipe with ease.


Paneangeli’s attributes are transformed into the powers of a mentor. Through interactions, visitors awaken suggestions, inspirations and special features such as contextual hints, animated recipes, and real-time classes with chefs.


How much is just enough?

Since the launch of the new website Paneangeli enthusiasts have risen in number and skills.

To spread more magic, Qubì has been developed, named after the expression that recipe books use to indicate just enough. Qubì is a gamified ever-evolving membership program designed to express gratitude by engaging and rewarding the Paneangeli community.