New rules

How to be a bold, Bvlgari woman.

Bvlgari new rules hero image


New Year is typically a time to reflect upon yourself. Better yourself. To insist on resolutions that are at best restorative, and at worst tired.

But no one ever said bettering yourself had to be a chore - especially not the bold Bvlgari woman.


Inspired by the defining letter of the Bvlgari logo, RVLES were devised to liberate, not dictate. A call to women to use the year ahead to revel in excess.

A striking visual language of hand gestures represents each RVLE, punctuated with impassioned copy urging women to ‘leave nothing to chance’ and ‘grab life by the jewels’.

Bvlgari hero image 2


The opening chapter of Bvlgari’s new visual approach on Instagram saw engagement and followers increase.

The self-assured mindset of RVLES in topical follow-up campaigns for Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year added a further 300,000 new followers in six weeks.