Rolls-Royce Motor Cars

Dawn Black Badge

Unleash your darker side. A bold new incarnation of Rolls-Royce defies expectation.



Rolls-Royce is one of the world’s most iconic luxury brands.

Contemporary sub-brand Black Badge is the rebellious alter ego of the famous marque. Representing a bolder, more powerful form of opulence, Black Badge is crafted with the world’s most dynamic entrepreneurs in mind.

It had to be that the launch of the latest edition in the Black Badge family should be as audacious as those the vehicle was created for.


To get to the heart of Dawn Black Badge, people can participate in an emotive and theatrical story. Expressing the essence of Black Badge, the story follows the journeys of a powerful siren and a rebellious seeker. The story is shared through a cinematic digital experience, and amplified during launch via arresting remixes that ran across global social channels.



Challenging. Provocative. Compelling. The story of Dawn Black Badge achieved its objective of getting people talking about the car on social media.

Behind the scenes, potential customers reached out privately to Rolls-Royce to express interest in the new model. With its focus on sharing the story and personality of each model, this campaign paves the way for future digital narratives for Rolls-Royce fans around the world to enjoy.