From Dust to Gold

Destroy the old. Create the new.



Every act of creation is first an act of destruction.

Undergoing a complete renovation, the Palms resort faced a great challenge: to bring guests to a property that is under construction.

Determined to become the leading cultural destination in Vegas, Palms’ redesign includes a range of suites and venues, along with the acquisition of world-class art by Hirst, Warhol, and Basquiat.


Invite guests to join the demolition.

In order to build anticipation for the new property, destruction becomes beautiful evolution — and everyone is invited to take part. A mesmerising collection of films, billboards and interactive experiences immerse individuals in an elevated demolition, while unveiling the most coveted attractions of the new property.

The stylistic vision was brought to life by Academy Award winning cinematographer Linus Sandgren along with celebrated director Paul Hunter. Entirely shot on 35mm film, the footage showcases a level of craft that reflects Palms’ ambition to become a hallowed art sanctuary in Las Vegas, and beyond.



A bold statement allowing Palms to usher in a new era of Las Vegas.

Cutting through the cloud of stereotypes that permeates the communication around Las Vegas — From Dust to Gold disrupted the local hospitality scene, collected millions of online views, and put Palms back on the map.

From Dust to Gold laid the foundation upon which the new Palms brand will live. An artistic, sophisticated statement to signal that things are evolving in Vegas.