Audio Fingerprint

Making music visual.

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The new KAOS nightclub, at the redeveloped Palms resort in Las Vegas, is the largest in North America, and may well be the most spectacular.

The 100,000-square-foot venue complex welcomes 20,000 guests every 24 hours, and features state-of-the-art audio and lighting production, with a diverse programme of influential music artists. It needs a visual identity that reflects this immersive, cutting-edge music and entertainment experience.


An algorithmic logo generator draws upon the mathematical concept of chaos theory, and uses live audio input to produce an infinite number of KAOS logo iterations, in real-time.

The algorithm processes 16 audio metrics to control 60 visual variables. Each artist’s live performance is used to generate live logo displays throughout the venue, while their unique audio fingerprint is stamped across all promotional materials. Fans can also generate their own unique logos using their voice.

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The logo generator puts the true power of sound at the core of all KAOS communications.

The dynamic logo has been featured on videos, posters and merchandise for the venue and for performers including Cardi B, Travis Scott, and Marshmello. It adds a unique, personalised touch to every music event and fan interaction, and it captures the KAOS sound in a way that can never be replicated.