David Beckham

House 99

Experimenting with new looks takes courage and confidence.



We live in the golden era of men’s grooming.

Experimenting with style is an empowering process – and the industry’s global market potential is boundless. Valued at over $24 billion, the male toiletries category has long needed a holistic brand that speaks to a diverse and global consumer. David Beckham has been at the helm of the men’s grooming revolution for decades, proof of the power of reinvention.


House 99 is more than a grooming range, it’s a community.

Led by David Beckham, House 99 champions a strong and distinguished identity through clear and courageous brand positioning, customer experience and social strategy.

Through playful grooming “When-To’s”, (the House’s take on the classic “How-To” guides), dynamic visuals, witty, long-form editorial and a diverse cast of influencers, House 99 seeks to lift the filter on male grooming, making it accessible to all.

This digital-first brand embodies David’s vision to challenge the conventions of masculinity, providing a space for all men to inspire each other to evolve and experiment with their aesthetic.



House 99 created a loyal community ecosystem providing inspiration now and into the future.

Featured in major titles including GQ, Men’s Health and Vogue, House 99 became one of the most influential, talked about and successful new brand launches of 2018.