Times Square

Connecting the world with NYC.

Levi’s: Times Square main image


The new Levi’s store on Times Square is the largest in the world, and its launch needed to connect with the square’s 50 million annual visitors as well as with the local New York people.

The 16,900-square-foot flagship store uniquely offers unprecedented personalisation using the work of local New York artists, plus the world’s largest Levi’s Tailor Shop. The launch required custom, accessible and inclusive content that would appeal to all global audiences, while staying rooted in New York culture.


A dramatic video display combines timeless Levi’s imagery with bespoke content that celebrates the city of New York, with the message ‘We Are NYC’.

The global brand and product imagery were merged with specially curated local content, to create a unique Levi’s Times Square experience. An hour-long video was looped on giant displays throughout the store, while a four-hour video was looped on the store exterior and on several sites across the square.

Levi’s: Times Square video thumbnail


The Levi’s brand story is brought to life, showcasing the full breadth of the brand’s work and the unique new flagship shopping experience, while connecting international visitors with New York City culture.

The content featured several New York personalities, while an opening-night concert featured performances from Nile Rodgers, Lauryn Hill, Q-Tip, Julian Casablancas, and the Wu-Tang Clan’s Raekwon.