Trial Zone

The most digitally advanced, true-to-sport product trialling experience ever created.

Nike+ Trial Zone main image


Professional athletes have access to unparalleled training, performance assessment and product innovation.

People trying on shoes are limited to a few feet to jump in, instead of in their sport environments.

Nike wanted to solve that pain point for consumers – and created the store of the future in the process.


Treat every athlete like a pro athlete.

Design a premium and personalised service comprised of digitally advanced sport environments – analysing consumer performance from every angle to ensure 100% confidence in the perfect footwear.

In short, making sure they’re in the right shoe before purchase.

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In a world where more and more consumers are buying online, Nike has provided a service that can only be found at retail.

A scalable platform that brings Trial Zone to stores around the globe: New York, Miami, Paris, Beijing – with more stores to come.

Consumers can now trial shoes in a way they’ve never done before. And make a purchase with the touch of a button, through their Nike+ app.