Your Year

100,000 custom films directed by individual Nike+ member data.

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During 2014, Nike+ recorded every mile you ran, each minute you trained and fuel point you earned – but what good is this data if it doesn’t motivate you to do more?

The true value of big data doesn’t lie in reflection, but in the opportunity to take the data and turn it into a personal, relevant and motivating story.


Inspire the top 100,000 Nike+ members to push even harder in 2015, by turning their 2014 data into a review of their past year and a challenge for the next.

In partnership with Mcbess, a renowned French illustrator, over 1,500 hand-crafted animation clips were generated by member data. These populated a custom-cloud server to render over 125 million frames to create the final 100,000 videos. Each video was sent out in time for New Year – to ensure members hit the ground running.

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Surprised. Inspired. Motivated. These personalised films accomplished their objective. Nike+ members went online en masse to share their opinions – and pledge to achieve the goals identified by their data.

The campaign also struck a significant chord with online and print publications, which began to ask: what do we mean by big data and how can we make better use of it?


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