Dubbeldusch Extreme


Getting knocked down is part of the journey.



After a gruelling day testing minds and bodies, the shower gifts athletes of all backgrounds a precious few moments to recover, both mentally and physically.

True champions know that getting knocked down is part of the journey towards success. It takes mental resilience to come back stronger – to land the trick, beat the wave or conquer the mountain.


To inspire athletes everywhere to find the time to rethink failure, to reflect and reset minds in the face of adversity.

Combining bold black and white film and photography it depicts the low points extreme athletes experience as they train to master sport.

Mountain bike rider Martin Söderström, freestyle skier Jesper Tjäder and surfer Freddie Meadows share their own ‘reset’ journeys in a weekly documentary-style series on Instagram Stories.

The shower remains central to the narrative – a turning point that enables athletes everywhere to reset.



Market share of Dubbeldusch Extreme shower gel increased by 45%. ‘Find your moment to Reset’ is the first commercial in 15 years from Sweden’s best-selling shower gel brand. Outdoor billboards and an entire subway takeover in Stockholm captured the attention of young athletes from all backgrounds.

The campaign was activated on social media with films authentically depicting the journey to becoming a champion, designed to stand out in newsfeeds across the Nordics and inspire athletes everywhere to find their moment to reset.