Introducing Netflix Vista

Your life is a story. Are you watching?

Netflix Vista Hero Image


Imagine if the things you love could always be with you, like your favourite Netflix TV programmes streamed directly into your eyeballs. Terrifying – or a taste of what’s to come?

To promote Season 3 of satirical sci-fi series Black Mirror, Netflix tackled the problem of binge-watching head-on in an ad as creepy as the TV show it trailed.


‘Introducing Netflix Vista’ is a mini-episode of Black Mirror showing a future in which people are able to stream Netflix directly into their eyes through a special new lens.

People are shown using the device everywhere: at the gym, on the train, at the beach and even over dinner. Loved ones are ignored as TV takes over. The chilling film ends with a pertinent reminder: "Your life is a story. Get out and watch it."

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Translated into nine languages and reaching over 100 countries, the film has stoked debate on the risks of binge watching and the impact of technology on our future, while generating buzz around Black Mirror.

Mashable, The Independent, The Daily Mail, The Telegraph and IndieWire were just some of the publications to pick up on the film’s thought-provoking themes.