Stranger Broadcast

The day a streaming platform led the national TV ratings.



In Brazil the vast majority of families still prefer to watch free-to-air television.

So, to attract new members, Netflix brought Stranger Things to the audience.



Transform Netflix into a free-to-air TV Channel from 1984 – the year Stranger Things Season 2 takes place.

In partnership with one of Brazil’s largest networks, Netflix aired an hour-special that included a full Stranger Things episode on TV for the very first time. Commercials emerged throughout the broadcast showcasing fictional products from the series; infomercials highlighting the streaming platform; and a News Special drawing a comparison between historical Brazilian events and the Stranger Things storyline.



Stranger Broadcast became a cultural phenomenon and for first time in the world, a streaming platform led the national TV ratings.

On launch day, Netflix-related searches surpassed Stranger Things Season 2 on Google, while trending globally on Twitter, along with a total 741 million social impressions.

By introducing Netflix to millions, Stranger Things become the most watched Netflix series in Brazil and converted new members to the modern way of watching TV.


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