The Worst Player In The World

Through the eyes of its most experienced novice.

PUBG hero


Traditionally, game designers have introduced new titles with the trope of an invincible action hero who somehow navigates impossible scenarios and evades all competition.

But in the action-packed world of PUBG – where luck and unpredictability rule – anybody can play, and anybody can win. The game is notoriously difficult to master, but that hasn’t stopped millions of determined players trying their shot every day, even when the odds are stacked against them.


The Worst Player In The World – a story of the PUBG community’s unconditional love for the game told through the eyes of the its most experienced novice, Reggie.

This suite of six films chronicles Reggie as he haplessly and loveably explores the game’s various environments and scenarios, mixing epic PUBG action with signature humour. While each film offers a clear lesson in how not to play the game, they together represent the joy and excitement that keeps people flocking back to the PUBG universe to embrace its myriad of challenges.



The Worst Player In The World has broken through the gaming industry clutter and helped re-establish PUBG as the premiere ‘battle royal’ online game in the world.

Resonating with both experienced gamers and newcomers alike, the films garnered over 2 million organic views online within the first week – subverting expectations within the genre and giving hope and inspiration to any new players ready to take their shot on the island.

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