Beauty Booking

The beauty of business transformation.

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Since opening in 1910, Douglas has pioneered a personal approach to beauty by putting store assistants and customers on the same side of the counter.

An emphasis on a customer-centric experience has helped Douglas become one of Europe’s largest beauty retailers, with 2,400 stores across Germany.

Douglas has access to the insight of 40 million loyal customers, allowing it to drive personalisation and recommendations which exceed those of new online competitors.


Restyle a traditional retailer into a personalised beauty portal.

A curated beauty booking service has been designed by analysing the customer journey for a natural extension to Douglas’s face-to-face in-store offerings. People are easily are matched to the right products and beauty therapists for specific needs and preferences.


Douglas Beauty Booking drives a direct-to-customer relationship, with loyalty rewards integrated throughout, resulting in a seamless experience. Products, services and content are recommended based on visitors’ behaviour and interaction with Douglas, along with third party suppliers.

Douglas is now interconnected from salon to e-commerce and retail stores, unifying digital and physical touchpoints.


Delivering the next century of beauty.

Douglas Beauty Booking was first launched as a pilot featuring opinion leading stylists like Udo Walz and Shan Rahimkhan. The service is now live in Düsseldorf and Munich, with hundreds of new salons onboard.

The platform is a key step to Douglas’ #ForwardBeauty strategy, which accelerates data-driven personalisation to become the marketplace for beauty, with products and services all in one place. Design, strategy and customer experience, ensures an adaptive space for future opportunities.