A new way forward

The revolution of car seat safety.



Safety shouldn’t compromise.

Rear-facing car seats have long been the industry standard for parents seeking the highest protection for their young children. Using one, however, results in less interaction and eye contact between parent and child and shrinking legroom as your child grows.

With an unrelenting ambition to innovate within this space, CYBEX invested in over a decade of research and thousands of tests to create the Anoris T i-Size, a luxurious forward-facing car seat with an integrated airbag and unmatched child safety.



Changing the narrative.

No parent wants to think about their child in harm’s way, but safety remains the top consideration in purchase. AKQA understood the importance to clearly visualise the protective benefits of the seat without triggering any anxiety.

Parents worldwide are shown how the Anoris T i-Size delivers peace of mind while demonstrating that rear-facing child seats are the safer option. The essence of calm and serenity is brought to life through a live action scene demonstrating the experience Anoris delivers in every ride: additional legroom, increased child range of movement, and eye contact whenever needed.

The overarching aim was to go beyond the story of safety the automotive industry established, moving from promise to an illustration of this ground-breaking airbag technology. This was delivered through a cinematic sequence exhibiting how forces are quickly translated into action, deploying in fractions of a second when you most need them. A transparent dummy was introduced to reveal how the airbag absorbs energy to protect your child where they are most vulnerable – the head, neck and torso.

Music is leveraged to score the emotion of the piece and underlie the light-hearted serenity of a smooth journey, the spark of danger and instant reaction, and a full orchestral climax unveils the key Anoris technology in action. From activation to rapid inflation and protection, the score ends on the visceral relief of a threat avoided. Through the combination of music and visualisation, key benefits are illustrated without the drama and stress of an actual crash.


The new standard in child safety.

CYBEX’s most extensive global campaign to date featured a novel luxury aesthetic and matches the gravitas of a car seat that sets a new standard in child safety by fusing technology and emotional storytelling.

The Anoris has been recognised independently by ADAC as the safest seat they have ever tested in the toddler plus child category. In 2022 it also received the best innovative produce by the prestigious Red Dot award.

You inspire us to make more products.

Martin Pos, CYBEX CEO