Step into a world of pure immersion.



A new world for gamers.

Sony is entering a new digital landscape of PC gaming. With the announcement of a brand-new range of gaming monitors and headsets that promise uncompromised immersive capabilities, Sony now enters a new realm: PC gaming.

Where hearing footsteps first is an advantage, Sony INZONE’s unique product benefits merit a new world for gamers, one that ceases to exist. A world that promises to get you into the zone and win every encounter.

inzone-hero cover


Welcome to INZONE.

A cinematic open world where players unlock and experience a 6th sense, gaining unmatched abilities and transforming into their ultimate digital avatar. Gamers can experience the feeling of ultimate control over their environment through new-found abilities such as, hearing the slightest footsteps from around corners and seeing enemies from further afield.

Through body scans and motion capture technology, we invited three protagonists to seamlessly transition their real selves, into their digital avatar in the Zone.

A 90-second cinematic brand film for the launch of INZONE, invited every gamer to find and experience a new world of immersion.


To step into the Zone a gamer must ready up. First, activate their INZONE monitor, run through pre-game rituals, and experience the nail-biting anticipation of the loading screen, until finally, the activation of the sound cancelling INZONE headset.


Wearing the SONY INZONE line-up grants the wearer with transformative abilities, giving them the ability to leave behind their desktop and step into an action-packed, cinematic world.


The final step to enter the Zone is the exchange of consciousness into their digital self. Through the noise cancelling abilities of the INZONE headset line-up, a gamer can fully transport themselves into their character and role.


Taking inspiration from popular FPS gaming franchises, we follow our three protagonists working their way through the action-packed landscape of the Zone. They become immersed in the world, harnessing newfound abilities enabled by the INZONE hardware in an effort to assist teammates.