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A smooth walk in the park.

Cybex - A Smooth Walk In The Park - Hero


The effort behind effortless.

Bottles, bags and babies – the universal desire for an extra pair of hands that help with life’s marathon is acutely familiar to parents.

CYBEX activated the core of its DNA and used beautifully designed innovation to create a stroller that answers this call. The e-Priam features a soundless motor that makes hills effortless, rough terrain smooth, and now, with one further upgrade, rocking hands-free.

cybex epraim


Parenting isn’t always easy, but this is.

Together with CYBEX, AKQA created a bespoke world that show these forces in action – one that bends and responds to the e-Priam, turning any obstacle into a walk in the park. Visual storytelling illustrates the advanced technology within, with individual scenes that react to the product in an elevated way, effortlessly encapsulating each feature; hills flatten, sandy beaches turn silky smooth, and the baby is gently rocked to sleep as the world reacts to the e-Priam.

The minimalist atmosphere evokes a calm environment in soft pastels, with details to communicate surroundings whilst the product remains the hero. The scenes are complemented by soundscapes created for each setting, from the bustle of the city, seagulls at the beach or soft lullaby by the dinner table.


Revolutionary and renowned.

Awarded as Best Innovation in the parent category by Time Magazine, reminiscent storytelling has enabled meaningful conversations with customers, leading to a direct rise in purchases.