Grow as one

Rethinking the world’s food systems.


With over 125 years of experience in horticulture, Certhon brings plant whisperers and technology experts together to grow anything, anywhere, regardless of climate or amount of daylight.

Finding better ways of cultivating takes a culture of ingenuity and iterative improvement. Growing together as one. This thought inspired Certhon’s fresh visual identity system.


When plants and AI grow as one, the world changes.

The future of food is a considerable challenge, but by working with growers, researchers, investors and other trailblazers worldwide, Certhon is creating better, smarter, safer, healthier, and more sustainable systems. To do so, smart technology, agronomy and philosophy are combined.

In this way, Grow as one is a belief system. A commitment to collaboration. Solving problems through both natural and artificial intelligence to rewrite the rules of growing.

Visual Identity

Combining the technical and the organic.

Grow as one, is about everything working together. This philosophy led to the design principles; technical, organic, premium, ever-evolving and tailor-made. Together, these principles form the base of Certhon’s new identity, where every element works as one. Circles overlap and intertwine. Micro and macro meet. Photography heroes the relationship between people and technology. And the letters in the wordmark are fused to create a unique logo.

The line style of the Certhon symbol is structured, yet the form is inspired by a plant sprouting from the ground, reinforcing the collaboration of organic and technical. When rotated 90 degrees clockwise, the letter c creates an opening in the middle, allowing space for growth.


The innovative identity allows Certhon to continue to grow and deliver on its mission, growing anything, anywhere, for everyone.

From billboards to digital touchpoints, the bespoke visual identity and brand guidelines embody Certhon’s empathetic customer relationship approach and celebrates the expression, Grow as one.