The look of collaboration

A visual system for all.


Webex’s vibrant remote culture keeps us connected.

With its superior trust, collaboration and security, Webex by Cisco revolutionised unified communication as a service for the enterprise. The new visual identity for Webex has universal appeal, reflecting, and encouraging, a new era of inclusive hybrid work.

The power of inclusivity.

The platform already removes barriers of geography, language and differing work styles to allow everyone an opportunity to contribute, collaborate and perform at their best. The identity system evokes that spirit, ensuring the ability to communicate warmth and welcome humanity.



Weaving the pieces together.

The identity is based around four founding design principles: it is seamless, vibrant, focused and personalised. The seamless interlace of curves symbolise collaboration while the colour palette, gradients and photography bring energy and vibrancy. The choice of high-contrast, black and white canvases and composition principles ensure visitors can easily focus on what matters most.

An in-built flexibility allows individual expression through colour choices and customisable elements. The design system is paired with tone of voice principles so that words and visuals work in harmony. Copy is empathetic and spirited showing how Webex is diligent and open to new possibilities.


One year ago we embarked on a journey to create a new Webex brand experience and we’ve made great progress in our quest to win back the market we created. Thank you for your partnership, we couldn’t have made it to the finish line without you.

Aruna Ravichandran, Chief Marketing Officer, Webex by Cisco


Built for fluidity.

At the centre of the rebrand is the logo, a seamless W representing two forms coming together, with space left between the elements to represent remote collaboration. The design is paired with a new colour palette, font, icon and illustration system, a photography suite, audio branding and motion principles.


Elements are able to be arranged in flexible ways that ensure visual variety and the ability to tailor design to the needs of a particular platform while at the same time maintaining a familiar look and feel. The system is not rigid to identikit designs rules, Webex can meet the needs of the brand and be relevant across a variety of audiences, geographies and topics. This fluidity means the system has been used to create bespoke solutions for channels such as the Platform UI, Webex.com, Webex One branding and Webex’s Hybrid Work Experience Centre.

3.7k System assets created
200+ Brand guideline pages
48 People involved internationally
100% Remote with the Webex app