Radio Television Luxembourg


The colours of stories.


From news to soap operas, RTL has a legacy of 68 television channels across Europe and is defined by the breadth of its content, culture and brands.

The broadcaster has grown to represent a range of shows, topics and partnerships across multiple touchpoints – united through entertainment but not identity.


The United Logo is a symbol inspired by RTL’s diverse stories, people and culture.

An evolution of the iconic primary-coloured logo, it’s dynamic and responsive to the context it is placed within. United but distinctive, it honours the past while stepping into tomorrow and celebrates entertainment’s ability to inspire people and lay the groundwork for a more inclusive future.


A catalyst for transformation.

Known as a traditional broadcaster, the United Logo repositions RTL as a modern symbol of unity. Bold and enigmatic, it demonstrates itself as a platform with attitude, clarity and customisation as well as the freedom to truly live its values and culture of respectful diversity. Unique in the industry, it’s a future-proof symbol to accompany RTL as it strengthens its position as a leader in the sector across Europe.


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