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Self-sufficient sustainable living


Where there is energy, there is life. Unfortunately, energy doesn’t flow everywhere in Japan.

Typhoons, floods, landslides, earthquakes and other forms of climate disasters have disrupted the flow of electricity to many places in Japan. Like countless homes and properties, a holiday lodge in the remote mountain area called Yokoyama, located in Ina City in Nagano prefecture, was abandoned after its power was cut 15 years ago. Once a popular ski lodge in winter and a camp in summer for many Ina City residents, it became a deteriorating space waiting to be torn down.

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EcoFlow – Second Life


The EcoFlow House.

To show the benefits of EcoFlow’s range of portable battery packs and solar-powered systems, a project to reopen the lodge was initiated. The lodge has been renovated, furnished and fitted with modern-living amenities so families and groups of friends can feel as comfortable living in nature like they do when they are in the city. Equipped with EcoFlow’s power system and battery packs, which are self-sustaining and constantly charged with solar panels, residents don’t have to worry about energy supply.

Now open, the lodge has been renamed The EcoFlow House, available to anyone who wants to experience the freedom of living off the grid.


Not just a battery.

Receiving an Honourable Mention in the Experimental category of Fast Company’s 2023 Innovation by Design Awards, The EcoFlow House has changed the perception that EcoFlow products are simply battery packs used for camping and barbecues. The ability to power sustainable living is demonstrated.

Celebrity ambassador and former football star Hidetoshi Nakata, influencers and advocates of clean, sustainable energy were invited to stay at the house to review and co-create social content to spread the word to the community.

There are plans for EcoFlow to power an entire neighbourhood in the near future.

Honourable Mention