BBC Studios

The Pavilion

Sustainable, iconic embodiment of the brand.

The BBC Pavilion


To honour the merging of BBC Worldwide with BBC Studios, a distinguished physical brand space has been created by our partners Universal Design Studio.

Launched at MIPCOM in Cannes, France, The Pavilion embodies the unmistakably British, bold and creative spirit of BBC Studios.


The Pavilion can be dismantled and reinstalled anywhere in the world and completely recycled at the end of its lifespan.

From the second storey, views of the Mediterranean are amplified when the petal façade opens to reveal a platform. With its exterior covered entirely in recyclable aluminium scales, inspired by theatrical curtains, the building takes on distinct identities from day to night. During the day, partial views inside create intrigue while providing privacy to the sleek interior. At night, light and activity are emitted through its porosity.

The Pavilion houses a variety of wings for meetings and events. Each space is finished with a palette of neutral materials, selected for their robustness and contribution to better acoustics, for a quiet background for BBC content that is displayed throughout on LED screens. The design ethos creates a language of vivid detail, whether structural junctions to wall panel joints with shadow gaps.

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A truly unique asset is added to BBC Studios’ event schedule, to host and entertain.

In contrast to traditional single-use exhibition stands The Pavilion is an efficient and re-useable icon. Built from raw, recyclable materials, the steel structure is an environmentally sustainable legacy.

Credits: Lead Architect — Universal Design Studio, Lead Design and Build — Cheerful Twentyfirst, Creative Lead — Christine Loosecaat, Façade Specialist — Giles Miller Studio, Construction — Stage One.

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