A car evaluator with character.


Considering selling a car is not an easy decision.

One way that the car evaluation market can help is to improve the experience for potential sellers. Use transparent communication and provide tips from the experts to help everyone feel more at ease with reselling.


Autostimo provides the information and pro tips you need to sell your car.

An initiative by Cambiomarcia, Autostimo is a company dedicated to pre-owned car trading and part of the Unipol Group, the second-largest insurance group in Italy and one of the top ten in Europe.

From entry-level advice such as “wash your car before the visits” to transparent and caring tips like “don’t meet buyers in isolated locations”, the Autostimo website covers every phase of the reselling process, leaving visitors feeling supported. An honest sidekick that will help you master reselling with peace of mind and clarity.


Reselling rediscovered. aims to generate traffic to the Italian car marketplace Tenutabene, by shortening the creation process of listings in order to quickly populate the website.

In the first six months after launching, the evaluator totalised 175,000 visits.

175k visits
112k assessments made
27k email registrations