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A digital cornerstone for architects and designers to dream big.

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Fredericia Furniture is a renowned Danish manufacturer of iconic objects for the home, with a rich history of impeccable craftsmanship and design.

A considerable undertaking was at hand in working towards becoming the premier Scandinavian design brand, especially honouring the region’s legendary design tradition.

The key to providing true inspiration was creating an intimate digital studio experience built on openness, free exploration, attention to detail, immersive interaction and functionality.


An open studio experience that supports the imagination.

Whether you are a customer, interior architect or designer, the revised look, feel and experience of is like stepping into a design studio and being able to explore freely. Seeing the craftsmanship up close, almost touching the leather, going into minute detail with key design features and being able to customise the furniture to your every desire. Everything inspires the dream of building the perfect home or designing the ideal venue.

Digital initiatives include a Furniture Finder where visitors can search for and explore a Fredericia Furniture product at a museum, restaurant or nearby venue and a button on images for downloading everything from product drawings to 3D files.

The experience was built using fully composable architecture, allowing for enhanced customisation, speed and technical support. Together, the elements align to form a long-term strategy that ensures sustainable growth and delivers on Fredericia’s ambitious vision.

Crafted to last.

Encouraging conscious consumption has been at the core of Fredericia’s ethics since 1911, creating furniture that becomes more beautiful with age to be passed on from generation to generation. The new site explores Fredericia’s core values, from using natural materials and ethical production methods to upcycling and certification, showing its respect for the planet and the people using the furniture daily.

The extreme attention to detail and immaculate execution from AKQA underscore our dream: building a best-in-class solution that matches our legacy as a company.

Rasmus Graversen, Chief Commercial Officer, Fredericia Furniture


A digital catalyst for the physical world of design.

The new encourages imagination, motivating people to visit the physical stores and explore the products as an alternative to tactical communication.

It honours the long-standing trust and heritage while introducing visionary digital features and UI elements that turn the architects and designers visiting into ambassadors of one of Denmark’s finest heritage brands.

The result is an explorative starting point, built to inspire, launch and anchor sustainable growth, true to the very furniture.